'Married to Medicine': Should Jazmin Johnson be on the show without her husband? Fans say 'get rid of her'

'Married to Medicine': Should Jazmin Johnson be on the show without her husband? Fans say 'get rid of her'
Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

Jazmin Johnson and Imani Walker's relationship has been a rocky one.They tried to iron out their differences but the effort wasn't a success, which was evident in this week's episode of 'Married to Medicine Los Angeles.' 

Despite Imani wanting to keep details of her personal life, including her marriage, to a minimum, Jazmin has been pushing and prodding her to share more. It's true that Imani opened up about her failing marriage with the ladies earlier on, said that her and husband, Phil Johnson, are splitting and added that the last time they got intimate was five years ago. But it could be she's isn't into that conversation anymore and therefore, demanding more answers from her would only lead to bitterness. 

And this wasn't the first time that Jazmin was forcing her presence in someone else's life. She took it on herself to get Kendra Segura onto a fit and healthy path, which the latter regretted agreeing to because the interventions were far too many. Once, Jazmin walked up to Kendra to remind her the some of the items on her plate are not healthy and she should get rid of them. It was embarrassing because it was a group dinner. 

Meanwhile, the fans think it was time Jazmin focussed on her life and how the absence of her husband Gadson Johnson from her life and the show is something she should be more concerned about. 

"What is up with Jazmin's husband? Why do we never see him? If he refuses to be a part of the show, then they can get rid of her," a fan commented, while another shared: "Who is Jazmin’s husband?! Lol how come we never see him on screen? Why is she even on the show?!?! #Married2MedLA."

"Jazmin is full of ish...something ain’t right with her hubby and I don’t feel she should be on the show if he never appears #married2medLA," a fan expressed. "I have never seen a more pointless cast member on a show. Jazmin gotta go. #Married2MedLA," another pointed out. 

"Jazmin is beautiful but brings absolutely NOTHING to this show! I said what I said #Married2MedLA," a user shared. 

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