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'Married to Medicine': Is Jazmin's idea of fitness superficial? Viewers think she only cares about appearances

'She cares about appearances and that's why it's difficult to take her seriously,' a viewer commented after she policed Kendra's eating habits
Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)
Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

Jazmin Johnson is a health and fitness fanatic. She is extremely particular about the kind of food she eats, regardless of whether she is at home or at a birthday party. Previously on 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles', she tried to get Kendra Segura on the path to clean-eating by discarding most of the packaged goods lying in her fridge. She had said how some of these so-called "healthy" packet snacks are hiding fat and empty calories in them.

It took Kendra a gathering to break her diet. On Shanique Drummond's birthday eve, Kendra filled her plate with cheesecake, cornbread and other calorie-rich food. But Jazmin had her eyes on Kendra's plate, she interrupted Kendra right at the first bite and reminded her she couldn't everything on the plate because that would bring her out of the fat-burning mode.

Dr Britten Cole was surprised beyond belief to see Jazmin policing Kendra's food. She questioned Jazmin's actions, who said that she likes to keep things in check especially when it comes to food. Previously, Imani Walker too was shocked when Jazmin started to test her blood sugar at a gelato joint to understand if her sugar levels went high after consuming a scoop of icecream. 

Even though Kendra unwillingly obliged and gave in to Jazmin's orders that night, she couldn't take more of her instructions at Imani's get-together. She walked straight to the sangria dispenser and poured herself a glass full as Jazmin quietly watched. Meanwhile, viewers think Jazmin was forcing her will on Kendra. Even though Jazmin wants only the best for Kendra, she should take it easy at times. 

"Its people like Jazmin that get on my nerve. I understand Kendra is on a diet but, not everyone will be a size 2. She can have one piece of cornbread.#married2medLA," a  viewer commented while another shared: "Jazmin don't care about fitness, she cares about appearances and that's why it's difficult to take her seriously #Married2MedLA."

"What was rude was when Jazmin took that cornbread off Dr Kendra’s plate front of everyone ..she could have pulled her to the side when she was fixing her plate w/a friendly diet reminder #Married2MedLA," a viewer expressed. Catch all the new episodes of 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' on Bravo every Sunday.