'Married to Medicine': Jazmin shocked over Imani's husband's cannabis dispensary, fans say 'it's weed, not coke'

Fans called Jazmin 'stupid' for making a scene and said that cannabis is legal across different states

                            'Married to Medicine': Jazmin shocked over Imani's husband's cannabis dispensary, fans say 'it's weed, not coke'
Imani Walker, Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

The Jazmin Johnson-Imani Walker beef continued in Episode 3 of 'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles.' Just when the viewers thought they were getting somewhere with their friendship, their seething dislike resurfaced and took over Kendra Segura's housewarming party. It felt as though the main cast was unable to stay in one room without going at one another. 

Jazmin had been meaning to reach out to Imani about her apology that she had made previously because she felt it was not "genuine" and wished to chat about it. Maybe the group wouldn't have gotten into such a nasty fight if Jazmin had chosen a secluded spot to have an open discussion with Imani instead of bringing in everyone and having a drawn-out argument smack in the middle of Kendra's living room populated with guests.

Imani's husband, Phil Johnson, has been living in another city, working on a project for three months now. Her not elaborating on the details of his project got Shanique Drummond and Jazmin curious. They wanted to know more about Phil's business but she said it was a "secret." But, at Kendra's party, Imani realized it was finally time for her to uncover the truth because Jazmin wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Everyone looked at Imani with shock when she shared that Phil would be setting up a legal cannabis dispensary and took a dig at Jazmin. She said: "Now, I live in a drug dealer's house." In Season 1, Imani had famously commented that that Jazmin's home looked like a drug dealer's place, and ever since then, the two haven't seen eye-to-eye. In her green-room interview, Jazmin was stunned to learn of the information. "She put me through hell. She put my family through hell. And here her husband is selling weed. The hypocrisy in this," she said. 

Before they could all get to the same page, Jazmin left the scene after Britten Cole and Imani raised their voices to make her understand the situation better. Kendra followed Jazmin to talk to her, make her understand. However, they were still able to acknowledge and appreciate each other's points of view. Meanwhile, fans called Jazmin "stupid" for making a scene because weed is different than coke and also, it's legal in a lot of states. 

"Jasmine is stupid. Drugs and weed is very different. #Married2MedLA," a fan commented, while another wrote: "Weed is legal in some States #Married2MedLA."

"It’s weed not cocaine #Married2MedLA," another viewer expressed. "Bitch it's weed not coke #Married2MedLA," a user tweeted. 

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