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'Married to Medicine': Shanique and Jazmin say Lia should come dressed as a 'dump truck' because she is messy

Shanique didn't invite Lia for the Halloween party she organized
Lia Dias, Shanique Drummond, Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)
Lia Dias, Shanique Drummond, Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

'Married to Medicine: Los Angeles' is in its fourth episode and there's already animosity between the cast members. Now, this is not surprising considering reality TV shows mostly thrive on gossip, mess and a lot of backbiting. And Jazmin Johnson and Shanique Drummond seem to have shouldered that responsibility pretty well.

Last week, Kendra Segura's housewarming, which was meant to be a day of celebrations, ended on an unsettling note with Jazmin and Shanique leaving the scene abruptly. They had issues with Imani Walker's apology because she promised to be a friend and yet hid information about her husband, Phil Johnson. After they confronted Imani, she shared that Phil had been working on a cannabis dispensary and the reason it was such a secret because the announcement was to be made later via a magazine article. But the argument continued and Lia Dias chipped in with her two cents. Obviously, she was siding with Imani and that irked Shanique. 

The ladies held that very close to their heart and didn't hold back when it came to trashing Lia. In their green-room interview, Jazmin and Shanique shared their experience looking for the perfect Halloween costume party (to which Lia isn't invited) when they quipped: "But if Lia was invited, she should come dressed as a dump truck because she is just messy." 

Jazmin and Shanique is quickly becoming the pot-stirrers of the group. From the previous week's episode, it seemed as though they were instigating and picking on people for no reason at all. Ideally, they should have moved on when Imani apologized and never brought it up.

Shanique said Imani should have called and asked Jazmin out for a brunch if the friendship really meant something to her. Imani is a doctor with a tight schedule and therefore, spending time outside of work doesn't come naturally to her. Maybe, both could have given her a benefit of doubt. But then, would it make good TV? Perhaps not. 

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