'Married At First Sight': Mindy and Zach bond over cards and masks, but fans think hygiene is the dealbreaker

'Married At First Sight': Mindy and Zach bond over cards and masks, but fans think hygiene is the dealbreaker
Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice (Lifetime)

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben can hardly be termed a couple especially because of how distant they have been. The couple doesn't even live together and has had limited communication ever since they arrived in Washington DC from their honeymoon in Panama.

However, Mindy hasn't stopped trying and has always been open to the idea of giving their marriage chances until all hope is lost. 

In this week's episode of 'Married At First Sight,' Zach and Mindy are walking his dogs when she tries to have an open conversation about love, how it works for both of them and if it fits into their marriage at all. However, Zach talking in circles makes it difficult for Mindy to grasp what he was saying.

It is clear that he has been confused and emotionally overwhelmed about the whole process but it's also time he sought advice from a loved one to better assess his situation and where he stands in this whole social experiment.

In a video chat with his sister, Lisa, Zach shared his concerns to which she immediately advised that he should be having fun and being there for Mindy. 


Zach took Lisa up on her advice and left for Mindy's house where they played cards and tried their hands on magic tricks. In her green-room interview, Mindy was elated that they were getting somewhere and Zach was actually making an effort to connect to her.

Later, the couple puts on sheet masks and Mindy jokingly asks if they should exchange each other's facial masks. You could see Zach was immediately grossed out and made it very clear to Mindy that they shouldn't be doing that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, fans think this could be a deal-breaker in their marriage. Zach had earlier subtly questioned Mindy when she didn't shower the night they arrived in Panama.

Although it is too soon to assume that it could lead to problems in their marriage, fans think that hygiene can be improved and is something that warrants a discussion. Let's hope they are able to get on the page over these issues.

"And I am beginning to think Zach thinks Mindy is gross. He subtly questions her hygiene habits? From showering after the plane trip to exchanging facial masks. #MarriedAtFirstSight," a viewer shared.


Another wrote: "May have figured out Zach's issue w/Mindy; she may have bad hygiene? One night Zach asked was she going to shower, she said no. Another ep he asked if she’d showered that AM. Men only ask if they want to join you or you’re taking too long to get ready #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight."

"I actually think Zach was feeling Mindy until the first night of the honeymoon when she didn't shower. he was kissing her tons on the wedding night," a user wrote on Reddit.

"I mean many people have commented on her greasy hair/repeated workout clothes travel pants outfit/not taking a shower after being on an airplane. I wouldn't proclaim she has poor hygiene but there has def been some signs there are hygiene-related things she has left to be desired," a fan commented. 

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