'Married At First Sight': Fan designs show based workout game, viewers say 'We are about to get shredded'

According to one of the suggestions of the workout game which has been designed on cast behavior, one will need to hold a plank for as long as Zach talks in circles and we all know how long that is

                            'Married At First Sight': Fan designs show based workout game, viewers say 'We are about to get shredded'
Zach Justice, Mindy Shiben (Lifetime)

The marriages on 'Married At First Sight' are getting complicated by the minute and the drama is shooting through the roof. However, this is not to say that fans are more invested in the show than ever, which explains the 'MAFS' workout game that they have devised online. 

The workout has been charted out in a way that it allows the individual following it to exercise every time one of the cast members on the show does something that he/ she is known for doing. For instance, hold a plank for the duration Zach Justice talks in circles. 

Honestly, that would be the longest plank hold one has done because once Zach starts talking, he meanders to the point where one loses track of why the conversation started in the first place. It's safe to say that this could have been what cost Zach his marriage with Mindy Shiben, who asked questions but never got straight, honest answers. 

The workout chart has a few other interesting suggestions, with one dedicated to Brandon Reid and the frequency with which he brings up wife Taylor Dunklin's Instagram video. So, one has to do 15 jumping jacks every time he talks about Taylor's video, which was about her sharing qualities she'd love in a man. It had hurt Brandon so much that he abandoned their new accommodation and left to live on his own. 

Jessica Studer too has one under her name. For this one, a person would have to do 10 crunches every time Jessica wants husband Austin Hurd to say "I love you" to her. Even though Jessica and Austin have been the only pair who is perfect and really taking the process seriously, their relationship has struggled a bit. Jessica has confessed to being in love with Austin, but he has made it clear that he needs time to get there. 

Meanwhile, fans think that they may just lose weight watching just one episode because the cast members seem to do a lot of what has been listed on the workout chart.

"I’m about to lose 10 lbs just watching one episode," a fan shared, while another wrote: "We're about to shredded."

"Do you want us all to die?! Just Zach’s rambling alone could take us all out," a viewer shared. "I don’t think I know anyone that could do a plank for that long," another pointed out.

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