'Married at First Sight': Derek and Katie play a customized game of Jenga to spice up their marriage life

'Married at First Sight': Derek and Katie play a customized game of Jenga to spice up their marriage life
Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman (Lifetime)

'Married at First Sight' is turning out to be a full-blown movie. Had Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid been part of a scripted show, their current relationship status would have made for a fantastic plot twist.

In this week's episode of 'MAFS', we see Taylor and Brandon unable to come to a consensus about the video she had shared on Instagram, in which she had listed the qualities she would like in a man. This puts Brandon off and pushes him to leave their new home.

Even though this was a drastic step and he should have ideally communicated his concerns about the post, Taylor hasn't collected that many brownie points either thanks to her not admitting to uploading the video to spite him.

This episode triggered a visit from Dr Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist who tried to bring them on the same page by having them discuss the matter openly and in a civil way. 

However, her efforts go down the drain when Taylor shows no interest in apologizing and Brandon leaves the scene saying he thinks Taylor was doing it all for the camera. 

A few minutes into the episode, the two meet their respective friends and try to gauge if they are at fault. Both their friends backed them up on the drama they created in their lives.

Meanwhile, Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben, who are yet to experience their marriage, were prescribed tantric yoga by Dr Schwartz. The two obliged and had a great time.

Throughout the process, the two held on to each other and did what the instructor had to say. One could see the emotional and physical connection they were looking to build during that time at the yoga studio.

After the session, both Zach and Mindy agreed they felt something and they were glad it was a fun activity that brought them closer than before.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad, the couple who appeared perfect and so in-love during the honeymoon in Panama, appear to have lost their shine.

There are no more surprises, rose petals and champagne waiting for Katie. Instead, there's a lot more miscommunication and misunderstandings that have replaced the sweet nothings the two once used to share.

To bring them closer, a customized game of Jenga was arranged for Katie and Derek, which led them to their bedroom. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd didn't need any of those but it was nice to see them indulge in a spin-the-wheel activity.

They seem like a couple who are in it for the whole ride. They love spending time with each other and their focus is solely on exploring their relationship and knowing more about each other. Let's hope they are able to keep up with it.

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