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'Married at First Sight': Does Karen like unavailable men? Fans ask as she says Miles isn't 'masculine' enough

It's been a little over a month since the two got married but there's been no progress on the intimacy front
Karen Landry and Miles Williams (Lifetime)
Karen Landry and Miles Williams (Lifetime)

Karen Landry and Miles Williams seemed like a good match on paper but as the days progressed the couple found it difficult to be on the same page. Miles has always been open about her feelings but Karen withdrawn. Often, she has said she takes time to open up. It's been a little over a month since the two married but there's been no progress on the intimacy front. They even had a huge showdown when Miles jokingly marked a date on a calendar when they'd be having sex. Karen thought it was disrespectful.

In this week's episode of 'Married at First Sight', the couples got an opportunity to discuss their journey with the experts and during one of the sit-downs Karen implied that Miles is not "masculine" enough. However, Dr Pepper Schwartz discouraged her from using such words because that would freeze Miles up and he'd end up having second thoughts about his role in the marriage. But Karen also appreciates the goodness in Miles. She even said: “There’s definitely good parts, just with Miles being a good person,” Karen began, adding that he often did “small, sweet things” to express his affection for her. However, what also worried Karen immensely was that Miles is always this "good guy" and that he's keeping the truth from her.

Meanwhile, fans ask if Karen is more interested in men who are emotionally unavailable? "I think Karen is so use to hurt and abuse from ain’t sh*t men that she can’t recognize a good man who is right in front of her. He deserves better," a user pointed out, while another shared: "Karen is so broken, manipulative, and heavy on the verbal + emotional abuse. It’s nasty. WOMEN RARELY FIND MEN WHO ARE OPEN ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS and she wants to demean that...especially a Black Man??? For Miles pure heart, he needs to stay TF away from her."



"Karen needs individual therapy I can see now! HER concept of 'masculine' is a man who doesn't talk about their feelings like most men are prone to do so then when they cheat on her for not being affectionate then she can cry that she didn't know," a fan commented. "Karen probably likes Men who aren’t emotionally available, don’t answer her calls, stands her up etc ...... I’ve been there until I realized I deserve better," a user tweeted.



"Karen girllll now I know why you were single. You're views on masculinity is jaded. Miles is in tune with his emotions. He's literally one of the best men this show has ever had," another expressed.


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