'Married At First Sight': Fans want Zach Justice out as he 'talks in circles' and is a 'narcissistic player'

He has come under fire for being insensitive towards his wife Mindy Shiben

                            'Married At First Sight': Fans want Zach Justice out as he 'talks in circles' and is a 'narcissistic player'
Zach Justice (Lifetime)

Zach Justice from 'Married At First Sight' is easily one of the most controversial cast members on the show. His good looks and perfectly-coiffed hair had viewers in awe but they changed their judgment of him when he bailed on his newly-wed wife Mindy Shiben on their honeymoon in Panama.

On their first night, he said she wasn't building any attraction for him. It was a severe blow for Mindy who was looking forward to the trip, spending quality moments with her partner. Instead, she wandered the hallways of the hotel they were put up in, crying and recording a video of herself about how dejected she felt upon being told so. 

Fans have given up on Zach, especially after what went down in this week's episode. The couple returned to Washington D.C., where they are supposed to move in together into a new accommodation so that they can integrate their lives into the real world seamlessly. But, he refused to do that. Mindy arrived at their apartment alone. 

Pastor Calvin Roberson, who was concerned about Zach and Mindy's situation, questioned Zach about what he intends to do and why has he been missing from the pair's new apartment. Zach said he wanted some space at the moment so that he can miss Mindy, realize the potential of their marriage and then work on building a future together. 

Fans, however, are not convinced by his promises and want him out of the show. They have enough and more reasons to say so. While some feel he makes excuses to stay aloof and not be all in, whereas there's a section of the audience that believes it's his narcissism that stops him from being considerate of Mindy and her feelings.

Zach's habit of talking in circles also has people annoyed. They feel he hardly ever gets to the point and it's difficult to understand when he begins to explain himself. Mindy would agree because in one of her green-room interviews she had said how Zach has the tendency to say a lot of "nothing."

"Zach, just say you quit. The excuses are ridiculous. Low key, he is probably hoping Mindy wants to quit so he doesn’t look like a douchebag #marriedatfirstsight," a fan wrote, while another shared, "Zach talks in damn circles because he’s full of shit! Dude, just quit already. You do not want to be with Mindy. He’s said it, shown it, everything but said she repulsed him!"

"Please make ZACH leave the Show ! No more Air time for the NARCISSISTIC Player!!!#MarriedAtFirstSight," a viewer pointed out. "Zach is full of it! “I genuinely want to miss her.” If you’re that unattracted to her and that uncomfortable being on the show, just leave!!! It’s not the end of the world to be seen as shallow. You shouldn’t have gone on the show. #MarriedAtFirstSight," another user tweeted.

"Feel so bad for Mindy! Was giving Zach benefit of the doubt until tonight. Man up and either leave the show or move in with your wife #MarriedAtFirstSight," another fan shared.  "A relationship is not one sided. I would have just leave. This is bull. Zach need a materialistic woman. #MarriedAtFirstSight," a viewer expressed.

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