'Married At First Sight': Jamie and Doug disagree over home birth, worried fans say it's not for everyone

Doug is rightfully nervous about home birth since the couple has had miscarriages before

                            'Married At First Sight': Jamie and Doug disagree over home birth, worried fans say it's not for everyone
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner (Getty Images)

The pandemic has turned lives upside down. The new normal isn't normal but people are getting by and the couples on Lifetime's 'Married At First Sight: Couples' Cam' are no exception. It's a spin-off of the OG show and will focus on how alums are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown issued by the government to tackle the Covid-19 crisis.

As expected, Jamie Otis' pregnancy took center stage, and why not? Giving birth is a challenging task with multiple life-risk factors attached to it and the coronavirus situation only adds to the dangers of childbirth. Jamie is a registered nurse and is aware of the complications associated with birth and therefore, suggested home birth. But Doug did not respond to this suggestion positively and that was only because the couple has had a few miscarriages before. He was worried about having to rush to the hospital in the last minute. 

Both of their concerns were valid and it was only wise that they decided to consult a mid-wife to understand what their options were. Even though the mid-wife stressed home birth to be a safer option, she wasn't completely sure Jamie should go for it since it was pure fear that was driving her to go for it. She added that fear is never a great motivator. However, as we know now, the couple actually opted for a home birth and welcomed their second baby, Hendrix, last week. 

Meanwhile, fans are batting for both teams. They feel Doug has all the right to be worried but also understand that Jamie would know better since she has been a labor nurse. "Jamie&Doug: Quarantine home birth? Good issue to bring to light during this time. Others may have same questions/feelings," a fan commented, while another shared: "Luckily Jamie is a labor and delivery nurse so she has an advantage in giving birth at home. #mafs #marriedatfirstsight."

"Jamie’s home birth has me nervous. Even though I already know it went well, the recent story of one going wrong still upsets me. Not all pregnancies are right for home births and women need to be very, very aware of that. #MarriedAtFirstSight #CouplesCam," a user expressed. "Having lost babies before, Doug is also rightfully terrified. But luckily Jamie knows what she’s doing as a labor and delivery nurse. Although I didn’t agree with their choices to go on vacation to the Florida beaches RIGHT as covid was reaching the US  #marriedatfirstsight," another posted. 

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