'Married At First Sight': Jessica and Austin go pub-hopping at home, fans are glad he's out of mom's shadow

Fans also loved the chemistry the couple shares as they always make an effort to keep their marriage interesting

                            'Married At First Sight': Jessica and Austin go pub-hopping at home, fans are glad he's out of mom's shadow
Austin, Jessica (Lifetime)

The pandemic has people inventing new ways to keep themselves entertained. With public places and hangout zones closed, some are now bringing the outside world to their homes. There are now full-blown gaming zones, sports activity areas, full-function open kitchens and more within the four walls. And all this just so that the boredom doesn't set it. 

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer are not far from what the world has been resorting to, with regard to creating a fun and refreshing ambience at home. The couple recreated the relaxed environment of a cocktail/ beer lounge at home. They went pub-hopping from the living area to the kitchen and beyond. And it was just not them drinking out of fancy mugs, they even named their breweries — Bubbles with Jess, and Frosty Justy's. 

By the end of their home brewery tour, they were buzzed but having fun. They also engaged in some role-playing where Jessica told Austin that they were at the same bar moments ago and had spotted each other. Not only did the experience add interesting memories to their lives but also added some very reimagined items to the list of their favorite drinks. Austin added orange slices to their pints of beer, which was difficult to drink at first due to the shape of the mug and the orange blocking the way, but tasted delicious. Despite the occasional differences, Jessica and Austin have always found ways to keep themselves entertained and interested in their marriage. Right from the time they first met, the two have worked on exploring their bond and keeping what they have — a special friendship. 

Meanwhile, fans are in awe of their equation, with some even pointing out how Austin has continued to remain out of his mother's shadow, something almost every viewer feared when he couldn't stop talking about how much of an influence his mother has been in his life. "Thought he wud be up his moms butt," a viewer commented, to which another agreed: "All relationships take work but it does not help if the family is in the middle. I think that these 2 have the staying-power if they keep trust, love, respect, companionship, and communication in mind." Another fan said, "A lot of respect, communication, sharing, caring & eye contact. Way to go. So glad they are still married."

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