Are Briana Morris and Vincent Morales getting divorced? 'MAFS' couple's tiff over children may be their end

Looks there's trouble in paradise for the 'MAFS' fan favourite couple as both have failed to come on a consensus when it comes to having children

                            Are Briana Morris and Vincent Morales getting divorced? 'MAFS' couple's tiff over children may be their end
Briana Morris and Vincent Morales of 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)

For those of you invested in the latest season of 'Married at First Sight', Briana Morris and Vincent Morales have proven to be a beacon of light in an otherwise dark and dramatic season. While all of the other couples are struggling to work through some heavy issues, Morris and Morales have us convinced that falling in love at first sight might just be real.

However, it wouldn't be a season of 'MAFS' without a plot twist. While the couple looks seemingly happy, turns out, there is trouble brewing beneath the surface. 


Is Vincent Morales and Briana Morris' marriage in trouble? 'MAFS' couple struggle with miscommunication

Are Vincent Morales and Briana Morris still married? 'Married at First Sight' duo are together, photo suggests


Morris and Morales have definitely been the most consistent couple on the show. After facing an initial issue regarding Morales getting upset over Morris being 'disrespectful' and bossy at times, the pair quickly got over that hurdle. There on, the two have been patient and attentive with each other, with Morales even getting his wife a bicycle, seeing that they had both spoken about going cycling together on their wedding day. He's also proven to be a doting father to Cookie, Morris' dog, who has taken to him just as much as he has to her.

Combined with the fact that he planned a lovely boat lunch for them on their one-month anniversary and that Morris even asked what kind of dates he would like to go on, the couple has really worked on the communication since that initial fight that threatened to tear them apart. However, it's not all smooth sailing for the two, seeing that there might be some real trouble in paradise. Morales, who is close to his family, has always wanted a big family of his own. He definitely wants to have children.

Turns out, when it comes to the baby discussion, Morris is not quite on board, seeing that she is afraid of the process of childbirth. For Morales, that is possibly a deal-breaker. He's always envisioned a future, where during his last days, he's surrounded by his children. Not having children is not an option for Morales and this information seems to be adding a lot of pressure on Morris.

Morris and Morales aren't the only couple facing baby issues. This particular conversation is one that Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs are continuously having. Lake wants to have children before he hits 40, while Coombs, who is currently 26, doesn't want to have children this early on and would like to wait. However, Lake has also made it plenty clear that 'no kids' are a deal-breaker for him. The decision regarding whether or not to start a family is not a small one and has to be discussed at length. However, with decision day around the corner, time is clearly of essence for the Season 12 husband and wife duos.

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