'Married at First Sight': Bennett declared 'house husband' as Amelia almost excuses herself from doing chores

Fans were amused when the couple talked about dividing household chores but Amelia excused herself from all of it and left Bennett to clean the toilet

                            'Married at First Sight': Bennett declared 'house husband' as Amelia almost excuses herself from doing chores
Bennett, Amelia (Lifetime)

Bennett and Amelia are getting along. Their marriage has been a walk in the park so far. Except for the bit where they have had uncomfortable discussions about having to move from New Orleans should Amelia's residency application get selected in a different city. Otherwise, it's been a bed of roses for this couple.

In this week's episode of 'Married at First Sight', we see Bennett and Amelia have a chat about household chores and how it needs to be divided among them. Amelia sort of excused herself and Bennett got stuck with cleaning the toilet. On the surface, it makes sense because by doing so, no one will ever be overburdened with work. However, fans have been wondering if Amelia thought Bennett would be doing all the household chores because he doesn't have a regular job?

"Wow to Amelia thinking Bennett would just automatically do all the household chores," a fan commented, while another shared: "Bennett better get used to doing the chores alone. Amelia already told you all she wants to do is bring home the bacon."



"Oh s**t Amelia thought Bennett was gonna be a househusband and that includes all the chores and he is NOT down," a user tweeted, another pointed out: "Amelia ain’t here for no splitting chores!! Lmao she said she’s the breadwinner so you clean up Bennett."



"Uh oh here comes the mess!!!! Amelia had it in her mind that Bennett would be the home stay dad/ house husband and pick up majority of the chores and be like ahh ahh!! Wait a minute let’s divide and conquer. I can’t," a fan expressed, while another posted: "Amelia finessed her way out of like any chores. Ma'am. That would have annoyed me."



Amelia and Bennett's story has been a sweet one, effortless and charming. Here's hoping it stays that way till the Decision Day arrives. From the looks of it, they will pick each other as their partner when the time comes.

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