'Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition': Joseline starts a feud with Bianca, fans say she just wants attention

The show returned for an all-new episode and let's just say that things got too real too quick

                            'Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition': Joseline starts a feud with Bianca, fans say she just wants attention
Aduja, Joseline (We Tv)

Joseline Hernandez aka our Puerto Rican princess just needs attention and on tonight's episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' she used Bianca Bonnie as her pawn to get it, say fans.

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' returned for an all-new episode on February 20 night, and let's just say that things got too real too quick. Joseline found herself at the center of everything tonight and fans are certain that it was all for attention.

In tonight's episode, the couples were tasked with partaking in an exercise to check their loyalty and commitment with each other. While Joseline found herself in an explosive argument because of her behavior during the party, prior to that, she was stuck in another explosive argument that she created for herself, and that might have just been for the attention she is craving for.


While Bianca was already upset with her tumultuous relationship with Chozus, Joseline infuriated Bianca more by not acknowledging her in the morning when she greeted her.

Though Bianca tried to explain the reason why it would have seemed like she ignored Joseline in the morning, Joseline came up with a whole new story claiming that she was jealous of her beauty, and hence didn't acknowledge her. 

After a lot of cuss words being thrown at each other, Bianca finally expressed her displeasure with Joseline continuously calling her a b**ch. While Bianca shares she will not tolerate that kind of language, that doesn't stop Joseline. 

Eventually, the storm between the two settles down. However, fans on Twitter affirm that Joseline picked on Bianca because she wanted to be the center of attention. "Joseline lowkey jealous of Bianca imo why she keep coming for her? Girl she wasn't in the mood to talk to you, so what? get over it," a fan wrote. 

"Joseline is starting unnecessary foolishness #MarriageBootCamp," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "Joseline gets on my nerves. She always trying to check someone. Just angry for no damn reason. Bianca ain’t yo girl! Damn #MarriageBootCamp." 

"Hating on what? Girl it wasn't about you! Joseline a hater, clearly you're the one hating. F*ck Bianca needs to be jealous of you for?" a fan shared. While another wrote, "Joseline just needed the attention back on her #MarriageBootCamp."

"Joseline really made everything about her #MarriageBootCamp," a fan shared. Another added saying, "Joseline just wants to be the center of attention like always. Joseline if yo two dollar ass could hold your own, they wouldn't need everyone else. #MarriageBootCamp."

"Joseline tryna make Bianca shit about her and it’s f*cked up she smiled damn it ain’t that serious she going through it #MarriageBootCamp #marriage," a fan said.  Adding to that another wrote, "Joseline sit tf down. Today ain’t about you it’s about Bianca #MarriageBootcamp." 

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