Marriage Boot Camp's Willie says fight with De'Von broke out after he tried talking to Shanda in his presence

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide(MEAWW), Willie said that he was upset with De'Von's behavior and told him that he is 'not supposed' to talk to his wife 'while I'm in the room'

                            Marriage Boot Camp's Willie says fight with De'Von broke out after he tried talking to Shanda in his presence
Shanda and Willie (WeTV)

Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce might have been married for 12 years, but that didn't stop this lovely couple from joining 'Marriage Boot Camp'. While they joined the popular reality show with the hopes of strengthening their marriage and addressing the issues bothering them, they instead got embroiled in a drama with former 'Love & Hip Hollywood' star Hazel E and her boyfriend De'Von.

Hazel and Shanda do not share the best friendship track record. Even before joining the show, the duo had engaged in some intense fights on social media. So, when they were face to face while filming 'MBC', things naturally got heated between them. The sneak peek clip and trailer for the show features an explosive fight between De'Von and Willie, which made us curious to understand what triggered the fight between them.

Willie told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "Well it was really simple. De'Von was talking to my wife, and I felt like as a man, you're not supposed to talk to my wife while I'm in the room. So I let him know that he can't talk to my wife, but he can talk to me. And he kept getting out of his body. I walked in his face, walked out his face, and walked back in his face. And then he pushed me." While that's the root of their fight, things escalated quickly when Hazel and De'Von began posting the clips of the fight on their social media and painting a different picture as opposed to the events that transpired according to Willie.

He added, "I've been seeing the things that they post online. And she (Hazel) was saying like how he (De'Von) pulls my head, whoops my a** or whatever the case may be. But then when I watched the episode myself, I see, you know, something totally different than what she painted it to be (sic)."

Shanda too had her fair share of fights with Hazel. In the past, Hazel made some rather colorist remarks about Shanda, so we asked her how she felt about those comments. Shanda replied, "I just felt like it was very disrespectful being a black woman. We go through a lot being Black in general, and for her to be a Black woman, that was kind of crazy for her to say that there are different types of Black women." 

But despite the fights and differences with Hazel and De'Von, Willie and Shanda claim that they thoroughly loved their time on the show, and were grateful for all that they learned and experienced while on the show. We can't wait to see how Willie and Shanda work on fiixing their marriage.

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs every Thursday at 9/8 c on WeTV.  

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