‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’: Fans suspect Michel’le and Stew are faking their relationship

In the trailer, one of the hosts reveals that one couple isn’t even a real couple

                            ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’: Fans suspect Michel’le and Stew are faking their relationship
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The showrunners of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ have pulled out the big guns and managed to get none other than Michel’le Toussant on the show. Michel’le is on the show with her young boyfriend Stew. In her confessional, we see the singer revealing that she doesn’t think her boyfriend is in love with her and might be wasting his and her time.
While the show’s hosts Dr Ish and Judge Toler tried explaining to the iconic singer that it has less to do with her trust issues with Stew, and more to do with her self-image and confidence. As everybody cheered on hearing it, we were quickly reminded of how Michel’le came to be in such a dark place due to her previous relationships.

For those who don’t know Michel’le was once in a relationship with Dr Dre and suffered physical abuse in his hands, and later she went on to marry Suge Knight, who abused her too. So, all these relationships left the singer feeling a bit jaded about her relationship with men.


While fans did feel sorry for the singer’s past experience, they couldn’t help but sense that her and Stew’s relationship might be fake after watching the way they behaved with each other. The first dead give away was the fact that Michel’le herself isn’t convinced about her partner’s motives, and believed that he doesn’t love her.

Stew for his part did nothing much to bust it. Throughout the premiere episode, we just saw him chugging down his drinks and acting funny.
What further strengthened the audience’s feeling about their relationship being fake is the trailer. In the trailer released for promoting the show, we see Dr Ish reveal that one of the couples isn’t even a real couple. Fans began speculating that it may be Michel’le & Stew.

A fan wrote, “They said a couple is faking it this season. I'm saying it's Michel'le & Stew lol #MarriageBootCamp.” Another fan shared, “Michelle & her boo are the fake couple #MarriageBootCamp.” “I’m not buying this relationship Michel’le in.... #MarriageBootCamp,” expressed a fan. “Love me some Michel'le but I don't believe that she is in a loving relationship with this fella named Stew #HipHopBootCamp #MarriageBootCamp,” tweeted a fan. Another fan pointed out, “Stew doesn’t seem like Michel’le’s type... #MarriageBootCamp.”
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