Mark Ruffalo celebrates, Alyssa Milano says 'we are winning' as Biden slowly inches closer to magic number

Many Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter to celebrate the 'victory' of Biden even before declaration of results

                            Mark Ruffalo celebrates, Alyssa Milano says 'we are winning' as Biden slowly inches closer to magic number
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Although the presidential race is still too close to call as some of the key battleground states continue to count their ballots, celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Debra Messing and Alyssa Milano have already started celebrating with the assumption that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would win the 2020 election. 'Boom!!' Ruffalo, 52, tweeted on Wednesday, as advocacy group MoveOn declared Biden and running mate Kamala Harris the projected winner of Arizona. However, mainstream media outlets like CNN have refrained from declaring a winner in Arizona, saying that it was still too close to call, and hence they will be waiting till all the vote counting was finished.


However, in his following tweets, Ruffalo has stressed on the importance of having all the votes counted before declaring a winner. "While we wait for every vote to be counted and election results to be announced there’s still something you can do right now to help. Volunteer with the crucial battleground states to help cure ballots and make sure every eligible vote is counted," he tweeted.


Messing, 52, on the other hand, rejoiced over the news of Biden winning the state of Wisconsin and gaining a significant lead in Michigan (a state he later was projected to win as well) as the battleground states were always going to play a significant role in this year's election. She tweeted an article headlined 'Joe Biden Is on Track to Win the Electoral College,' adding the caption, "YES HE IS!!! A record turnout, an enthusiasm never seen before, and when the last vote is counted we will celebrated President #Biden and VicePresident #Harris!" along with a string of firecracker emojis.


Meanwhile, Milano, 47, chose not to play around with her words or hide her enthusiasm for a possible Biden presidency with her short and on-point message. "We. Are. Winning," Milano posted. "That's all. That's the tweet." A more reserved tone was struck by Mia Farrow and John Cusack as they acknowledged the fact that Biden had taken the state of Wisconsin. "CNN projects: Biden wins Wisconsin," Mia tweeted. She did, however, slam the president in a later tweet. "For 4 years Trump has undermined democracy’s institutions — never so blatantly as in today’s early hours. His false claim of victory & attempt to subvert the election by demanding a halt to vote-counting — gravest of threats to the stability of the nation" she wrote.

John Cusack said, "Biden Just won Wisconsin." In another tweet he added, "Skinny — Nevada we win by 9-10 thousand votes Arizona a lot more Penn by a lot — The judge Sullivan tranche of ballots will be counted — As Georgia will de down to wire. Sullivan ballots could win it for Biden or @ossoff Bring Perdue under 5o% Forcing run-off F**k trump".






Meanwhile, Biden in his latest speech on November 4, chose his words very carefully when exuding confidence about possibly bagging the election. "I am not here to declare that we have won," Biden said, taking a notably different approach than Trump who early in the morning of November 4 falsely claimed that he had won the White House and spread conspiracy theories about voter fraud. "But I am here to report when the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners."

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