Mark and Patricia McCloskey pose with new AR-15s just days after surrendering guns

The couple had also agreed to have their weapons destroyed. But upon leaving court, Mark McCloskey told reporters 'I'd do it again'

                            Mark and Patricia McCloskey pose with new AR-15s just days after surrendering guns
Patricia McCloskey and Mark McCloskey address virtual Republican convention in a pre-recorded video broadcasted (Photo Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images)

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St Louis couple, who pointed and waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters reportedly agreed to surrender their guns as part of a guilty plea to misdemeanor charges, according to court documents obtained from the city of St Louis. However, just two days after pleading guilty, Mark McCloskey showed off his new rifle on social media.

"Checking out my new AR," reads the caption to the pictures uploaded by McCloskey, who is seen grinning in pictures, brandishing the weapon with a finger just above the trigger and posing with people including his wife.


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The St Louis couple are personal injury attorneys in their 60s, who reportedly appeared in court on Thursday, June 17, 2021, where they admitted to a judge that their actions had put peaceful protesters at risk of serious injury. Mark and Patricia had garnered national attention in June 2020 when videos posted to social media showed the two brandishing guns outside their mansion and pointing them at protestors who were walking on a private street towards the home of St Louis' mayor. After the incident, Mark's popularity shot up and he even spoke at August's Republican National Convention in support of Donald Trump. In May 2021, reports also started doing the rounds that he was running for US Senate.

The McCloskeys reportedly agreed to give up the weapons used in the incident. As per reports, Patricia pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000 while Mark pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. The couple had also agreed to have their weapons destroyed. But upon leaving court, Mark told reporters "I'd do it again."

Because the charges are misdemeanors, the McCloskeys don't lose their law licenses and can continue to buy and own other firearms. And that's what they did. Following the plea deal last Thursday, McCloskey took to Twitter to defend his and his wife’s actions and bragging about the outcome of his court appearance. 

"A year ago, the mob came to my door to attack my family — I backed them down," McCloskey shared on June 18, 2021, along with a video of him and his wife. "The mob came for me, the media attacked me & prosecutors tried to punish me for defending my family. They dropped all charges, except for a claim I instilled "imminent fear” in the mob. I’d do it again.’"


Then he wrote, "Let me be clear, I am not surrendering any of my other firearms! I will continue to be one of the strongest advocates for #2A in MO and around the country. The two weapons that were seized from me were evidence in a criminal case. Per the state of MO they are to be incinerated."


He proceeded to add, "Don’t worry - I have more guns to protect my family where that came from! #2A"


On social media, people are calling him out for his new purchase. 

"I'm a fellow gun owner with 2 AR15s and a LR308 I'm currently building in my safe & I'm all for others owning & properly using them. But this is ridiculous. You recklessly pointed a loaded AR and pistol at protesters, pleaded guilty & now making further spectacle of yourselves," one user wrote. Another added, "You expecting an alien invasion or planning an insurrection.. the AR has no other use. So which is it?" 



Some others pointed out to the flaws in the system. "How does someone that had his guns seized pass a background check? This is a problem not a cause for celebration!"


Another noted, "Mark McCloskey threatened the lives of Black activists - and all he got was a $750 fine (which is pocket change to him.) And then he said this: “I'd do it again any time the mob approaches me.” Definitely a fair and equitable justice system here. "