US Marine veteran nicknamed 'Combat Barbie' parades her curves in classic pin-up inspired photoshoot

Since leaving the service, she has posed for over 40 publications and she's currently getting her bachelors degree from the University of North Dakota

                            US Marine veteran nicknamed 'Combat Barbie' parades her curves in classic pin-up inspired photoshoot
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A Marine veteran-turned-model-turned-fashion designer is the most recent person to blow up social media with her new vintage pin-up inspired sexy photoshoot. US Marine Sgt. Rianna Conner, better known as the “Combat Barbie,” joined the military in 2011 and was the first person in her family to go into the military.

“I was given my nickname from the Marines I first served in 2011, because of the fact that I was so girly and loved to show my femininity,” she said in an interview. “The nickname stuck with me throughout my military career and after.” As per Fox News, Conner served with the Marines for seven years and traveled all around from San Diego, Calif., to Parris Island, S.C., along with being deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.

Her popularity can be seen by her Instagram following over 442,000, which is definitely increasing by the day after her latest shoot where she posed for photographer Robert Alvarado wearing a mix of fatigues and lingerie, mimicking the style of classic pin-ups. 

“In my immediate family I’m the first to leave my hometown, first to join the military, and now the first to attend college at a university,” she said in an interview. 

The young woman was ready for the challenges of the military, as she explained, “Growing up the way I did forever instilled a great work ethic and burning ambition in my soul. While in high school I won the award for ‘Most Inspirational Senior,’ which I attribute to the great life lessons from my family.” 

After spending seven years in the service and earning awards such as the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Conner left the military to pursue other ventures, and she's currently getting her bachelors from the University of North Dakota, while also eyeing a modeling career.

Since leaving the service, Conner has posed for Maxim, FHM and over 40 other publications, according to her social media account. This recent sexy photoshoot seems to have been a hit with her fans, earning her thousands of likes on each picture.  Most of the military gear she is wearing is real, including a combat helmet on her head and lace-up boots on her feet.  There are more images of her wearing a sailor-inspired corset and white sailor hat while giving the camera a salute and there is another one where she is wearing nothing but a lace thong and a pair of patriotic blue and red thigh-highs.

“My mission as ‘The Combat Barbie’ is to show the world that it is possible to be yourself and achieve all of your dreams,” the model said. Meanwhile, she has also started her own clothing company line, Combat Barbie Clothing, for “beautiful and bada--" women and men to spread positivity and patriotism.

“Your success in life doesn’t depend on the cards you were dealt, how you grew up, the people who doubt you, or the difficult situations you face,” she said. “Your success solely depends on your personal determination to achieve."