Did Marilyn Manson rape ‘GOT’ star Esme Bianco? Lawsuit says he electrocuted, beat and cut her with ‘Nazi knife’

Did Marilyn Manson rape ‘GOT’ star Esme Bianco? Lawsuit says he electrocuted, beat and cut her with ‘Nazi knife’
'Game of Thrones' star Esme Bianco has accused Marilyn Manson of raping her (Getty Images)

'Game of Thrones' star Esme Bianco, who played the role of Ros in the iconic TV series, has now filed a lawsuit against singer Marilyn Manson over physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse for years. Bianco, who was in a relationship with the goth rock musician, joined the long list of women survivors of Manson's alleged abuse after she came forward earlier this year. 

According to Hollywood Reporter, Bianco named Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson in her lawsuit, claiming that he "raped" her "in or around May 2011". The lawsuit additionally claims that Manson "used drugs, force, and threats of force to coerce sexual acts from Ms. Bianco on multiple occasions." More horrific details of her traumatic abuse have been detailed in the suit which is being dubbed as a "shakedown attempt" by Manson's attorney. 


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Did Marilyn Manson beat Esme Bianco with a 'Nazi' whip?

The lawsuit alleges that in 2007, after his divorce from actress Dita Von Teese, Manson asked Bianco to send nude photographs for a potential film project. Two years later, he apparently flew her to Los Angeles for shooting a music video for his song 'I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies'. 

However, after reaching, Bianco allegedly discovered that there was no crew for the shoot and she was expected at Manson's home itself. During her stay, she was deprived of food and was not allowed to sleep. Instead, Bianco was coerced to wear lingerie as her costume and given only drugs and alcohol. 

The lawsuit stated, "Ms. Bianco was threatened and physically beaten. Mr. Warner repeatedly told Ms. Bianco that he would come to her room and rape her during the night. ... He attempted to force her to perform sexual acts on camera with another woman who was present throughout the shoot."

The suit also alleges more shocking forms of abuse faced by the 'GOT' actress. "Mr. Warner locked Ms. Bianco in the bedroom, tied her to a prayer kneeler, and beat her with a whip that Mr. Warner said was utilized by the Nazis. He also electrocuted her," the document stated.

Bianco added in her lawsuit that she was scared that protesting against the assault and abuse would hurt her career while Manson might continue to harm her. 

It has also been stated in the lawsuit that Manson and Bianco maintained a consensual sexual relationship in 2009 during which he bruised and beat her as well as groped her publicly without consent. Once, Manson allegedly tried "to bring a minor back to the hotel with him and Ms. Bianco."

After she was coerced into moving to LA with Manson, he defrauded her by the false promise of her starring in his upcoming feature film. Meanwhile, he continued to abuse her by controlling her movements and verbally abusing her in presence of others. At one point, he "cut Ms. Bianco with a Nazi knife during sex, without her consent, and photographed the cuts on her body. He then posted the photos online without her consent," claims the lawsuit. 

Bianco first came forward with the allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson in February 2021. "I support and stand with the survivors who have come forward today. When the time is right for me, I will have more to say about my own experience and will share my story in full," she had said at the time. 

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