Bizarre comparison between Marilyn Manson's case and Johnny Depp's warns of 'dangerous precedent'

Bizarre comparison between Marilyn Manson's case and Johnny Depp's warns of 'dangerous precedent'
Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson at the premiere of 'From Hell' at the Village Theater in Los Angeles on October 17, 2001 (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

A Twitter thread has gone viral after comparing Marilyn Manson's legal situation with Evan Rachel Wood -- who has accused him of abuse -- to that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The Twitter user who wrote the thread raised concern that Depp's legal victory could have set a "dangerous precedent" for men accused of abuse.

Last month, a Virginia-based jury ruled overwhelmingly in Depp's favor and awarded him more than $10 million in damages after deciding that his ex-wife Heard defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed about becoming a "public figure representing domestic abuse." While she did not mention Depp in the essay, his lawyers argued that the implications were obvious and damaged their client's career. The seven-member jury also awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages on one of her three defamation counterclaims.


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The aforementioned Twitter thread consists of several tweets attempting to paint Manson as an abuser. The author, who started the thread on Friday, July 1, claims to be an Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) survivor/advocate. Writing under the handle @k4mil1aa, the user lays out what she claims is evidence that apparently backs Evan Rachel Wood's allegations against her rockstar ex. 


The Twitter user mentions ties between Manson and Depp at some points in her deep dive, including that they are close friends and suggesting that Manson could be following in Depp's footsteps by taking his accuser to court with a defamation lawsuit. Manson has accused Wood of making up claims against him in a bid to ruin his reputation and career. He has vehemently denied all abuse allegations - both from her and other women.


Some are wondering whether the claims Depp leveled against Heard, which were found to be mostly true by a Virginia-based jury, are comparable to Manson's claim that his accuser is conjuring accusations from thin air. The Twitter user declares that the cases are totally different in terms of evidence and allegations, but appears to insinuate that Depp has established a dangerous precedent for men accused of domestic abuse, including his pal Manson.


There were a few who agreed that Depp's support following his courtroom victory could also lend itself to other male stars in similar situations. Others, however, maintain that Depp's popularity doesn't directly translate into support for Manson and that trying to draw parallels in the two cases simply because they are friends is wrong.


TMZ reported, "What almost everyone seems to be missing is that Johnny was within his right to take his accuser to court and have the facts laid out ... as is Manson, as is anyone else. It's called due process -- and everyone is entitled to exercise it if they have a legal bone to pick." The tabloid added, "Johnny had his day in court, and Manson will have his too. Trying to firm up public sentiments one way or another before that seems like a fool's errand ... and yet."

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