'Not a shred of evidence': Marilyn Manson blasts Evan Rachel Wood's claims that he threatened to harm her 8-year-old son

'Not a shred of evidence': Marilyn Manson blasts Evan Rachel Wood's claims that he threatened to harm her 8-year-old son
Evan Rachel Wood has accused Marilyn Manson of threatening her young son (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for The Roku Channel; Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: Marilyn Manson has blasted Evan Rachel Wood's claims that he threatened her son. Wood said the threats, and fear for her son's safety, made her hand over primary custody of the child to ex-husband Jamie Bell.

Sources told The Blast that Wood is "extremely afraid of putting her son in danger." This comes 17 months after she told a court that Manson said he would "f**k" her then eight-year-old son. Manson has faced several claims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Wood, along with a dozen other women, have accused him of abuse. Manson has denied all the accusations.


Marilyn Manson sues ex Evan Rachel Wood and her lover over fake FBI letter accusing him of sexual abuse

Marilyn Manson's lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood over 'fabricated' FBI letter diminished by court ruling

'Wood has not provided a shred of evidence'

"Brian Warner has not had any contact nor communications of any kind with Evan Rachel Wood in nearly a decade," a source close to Manson said, according to Daily Mail. "At no time has Brian Warner ever threatened Ms Wood or her family. Wood has not provided a shred of evidence of Warner making any threats against her or her family."


"Wood continues to make unproven claims publicly and to the court based on a fraudulent FBI letter that was created and written by her and her accomplice, Illma Gore, during their coordinated attack on Warner. In his own declaration to the court in his custody battle, Mr Bell has said that Evan’s story defies credibility. The only people whose safety has been threatened are Warner and his wife [Lindsay Usich], who were swatted at their home based on a duplicitous phone call made to the FBI by Illma Gore, who claimed to be a friend of the couple," the source added.

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When Marilyn Manson sued Evan Rachel Wood

Manson sued Wood and Gore for defamation in November 2022 over what he said were "malicious" and "false" sexual abuse allegations. Wood had alleged Manson "brainwashed and manipulated her into submission" and "started grooming me when I was a teenager."

Manson's attorney later alleged in court that Gore used a forged FBI letter and recruited other women into accusing him. Gore subsequently denied the claims. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Teresa A Beaudet dismissed the part of the lawsuit that dealt with the allegedly forged FBI letter. Wood denied forging it. The judge also said that evidence suggests that the possibility of the women making other women accuse Manson was hypothetical and thin. Wood now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She had previously been fighting to keep her son out of Los Angeles.

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 Marilyn Manson blasts Evan Rachel Wood's claims that he threatened to harm her 8-year-old son