Mariano Rivera canceled! Internet slams pitcher as 'Trump supporter' after he meets POTUS at coronavirus briefing

Mariano Rivera canceled! Internet slams pitcher as 'Trump supporter' after he meets POTUS at coronavirus briefing
Donald Trump and Mariano Rivera (Getty Images)

Former baseball pitcher Mariano Rivera's latest meeting with President Donald Trump has sparked a lot of reactions from people for different reasons. Trump recruited Rivera to mark baseball's Opening Day at the White House on July 23. They were joined by a group of Little League players. 

Talking about the return of sports after a long halt due to coronavirus, Trump called it "a tremendous thing psychologically for our country", according to ESPN. However, the briefing stretched beyond the ceremonial opening as the platform was also used to address the ongoing pandemic. Reportedly, during the White House conference, Rivera said that it was safe to send children back to schools amid coronavirus pandemic, according to several Twitter users, who have lashed out at the former New York Yankees player for making "ridiculous" statement. 

Soon, many took to Twitter to strongly express that they want to cancel Rivera for supporting Trump with his ideas to reopen the economy and send the children back to school, despite surging deaths and cases from the deadly infection. One user wrote, "Having to cancel Mariano Rivera sucks but I’m done. He’s the greatest closer ever, I loved him, but to be the one to connect that monster in the White House with the Yankees and expose these young kids to him?! This man would put you in a cage, Mariano, how do you not see that?!" Another added, "I’m voting for Mariano Rivera becoming a victim of Cancel Culture."

Meanwhile, another agitated user tweeted, "Cancel f***ing Rivera. It will save lives." Seconding the above one added, "So we are to believe it is safe for our children to go back to school because Dr Mariano Rivera says it is safe. Trump can now through his balls out for the Yankees."

A few who are trying to cancel Rivera on Twitter have pointed out at his proximity to Trump. During the conference, Trump reportedly said, "I have a very, very special person who loves children, who I think one of the greatest athletes of all time. A lot of people say the greatest pitcher of all time. Known as a relief pitcher who could’ve been whatever he wanted."

Much before Rivera met with the president, he started to trend on Twitter as people couldn’t stop talking about their relationship. Rivera told during his appearance on 'Fox and Friends' in 2019, "He (Trump) was a friend of mine before he became president. So because he’s president, I will turn my back on him? No. I respect him. I respect what he does, and I believe he’s doing the best for the United States of America."

In the same year, Trump awarded Rivera with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contribution to baseball. Praising the pitcher, Trump had reportedly said, "Throughout Mariano’s incredible career, he remained a humble man guided by a deep Christian faith that inspires everyone around him."

After the press conference today, Trump and Rivera played catch at the White House lawn while the other Little League players watched them. 

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