'It almost ruined my life': Mariah Carey shocked as her 2001 flop 'Glitter' is suddenly topping charts

Mariah Carey got candid about many things while on 'GMA' and also spoke about her 7-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan who had accompanied her on tour.

                            'It almost ruined my life': Mariah Carey shocked as her 2001 flop 'Glitter' is suddenly topping charts

Remember the trainwreck that was 'Glitter,' Mariah Carey's 2001 vanity project that planned to propel the singer as a movie star and whose soundtrack sank without a trace.

Now its seems that Carey is having the last laugh as the soundtrack topped the US iTunes Album Chart last week, leaving behind even the soundtrack of the more contemporary 'A Star is Born'

Following the unexpected revival, Carey recently opened up about the soundtrack and what went on behind it. She recalled how she had gone through a rather difficult time while promoting the movie and its music back then. 

Mariah appeared on 'Good Morning America' on Monday in order to promote her upcoming new album which is titled 'Caution'.

She was asked about the 'Glitter' soundtrack which topped the charts because of her loyal and dedicated fans and the hashtag #justiceforglitter.

Mariah shared, "That's the Lambs, that's the Lambily, those are my fans -- they had this movement, it was called hashtag Justice for Glitter, which I think was directed at me because I never really perform those songs because it almost ruined my life. But the truth is, it's for the nostalgia now because it's actually a really good album."


"I can say it now that they got it to No. 1, so I thank them. This is all about them. And I should not have to feel bad about that because it was all about the circumstances when the album came out, so it's exciting," she continued. 


The commercial failure of 'Glitter' could not have come at a worse time for Carey. While she was promoting the film, she made a couple of wild public appearances including a time when she was on 'Total Request Live' where she pushed out an ice-cream cart and then took off her shirt. Later on, she got herself checked into a hospital and canceled all of her public appearances. 

At the time, her spokeswoman told the Associated Press that Carey "suffered an emotional and physical breakdown" as a result of insomnia and that she was under psychiatric care. In April, Carey shared that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


During her interview, Mariah also spoke about her seven-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan who had recently joined her on tour and even got to be on the stage with her. "If they want to do that, I'll be happy for them. Whatever they want to do, I'll be supportive," she said referring to the twins' possible interest in show business.