Mariah Carey was pimped out by older sister when she was 12 and held 'like a prisoner' by ex Tommy Mottola: Memoir

Mariah Carey was pimped out by older sister when she was 12 and held 'like a prisoner' by ex Tommy Mottola: Memoir
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Mariah Carey is spilling all the truths about her early life as well as details of her very personal life in her new memoir, ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’, releasing September 29. Though the 50-year-old singer-songwriter has a very successful career with an estimated fortune of half a billion-dollar, her private life has always been full of ups and downs, making her what she is today. “This book is composed of my memories, my mishaps, my struggles, my survival and my songs. Unfiltered. I went deep into my childhood and gave the scared little girl inside of me a big voice. I let the abandoned and ambitious adolescent have her say, and the betrayed and triumphant woman I became tell her side,” Carey has written it on the website of her book.

The Sun has now revealed how the explosive biography will see Carey claiming that her older brother, Morgan, was a failed hit man and revealing dark truth about her older sister Alison, who pimped her out as a child. The book will also describe the traumatic time she had with her first husband, Tommy Mottola, with whom she felt like a prisoner and was held at knifepoint.

A publishing source told the outlet, “One time when Mariah was six, her older brother Morgan lashed out at their mother during an argument and threw her against the wall. Mariah was terrified he had killed her and stood there glued to the spot until the police came. She also talks about how Morgan was a failed hitman - in 1980 a woman asked him to kill her husband for $30,000. He was given $1200 upfront but he never went through with it.”

The source continued, “Then as an adult, Mariah remembers how Morgan and her mother came to her and told her how her mom’s second husband was threatening to ruin her career by revealing family secrets. She says Morgan asked for $5,000 to ‘take care’ of the guy and no one would ever know. She was shocked her family would suggest such a plan.”

In addition, Carey has reportedly described her disturbed relationship with her sister in the book. “She recalls a time when she was 12 and Alison gave her a whole valium, then not long after she says she tried to give her cocaine. Shockingly she says Alison tried to pimp her out to one of her boyfriends who one time came to pick her up alone and tried to put his arm around her and kiss her,” the insider said. “Another time she claims Alison gave her third-degree burns across her back after throwing some scalding hot tea at her.”

However, Alison has refuted the claims made by the ‘Fantasy’ singer and told The Sun: “I have never given Mariah drugs or pimped her out. I would never have done anything to hurt my baby sister and I’m saddened and hurt that Mariah would make allegations like these to sell a book.”

In the bombshell revelation, Carey will also accuse her family of her mental breakdown. The source said, “She claims she felt like Princess Diana at times and remembers seeing her at a Vogue party once. They looked at each other and Mariah felt they were both like cornered animals being hunted and never be left alone by people around them. She was so sleep deprived she ended up going to stay at her mother’s house to get some rest but they ended up arguing.”

The insider stated: “Mariah claims that her mom then called the cops who removed her from the house and took her to a rehab facility. It took days for her to be able to sign herself out and not long after her brother Morgan persuaded her to go to LA where she could go to a spa. However, when she got to the place - it wasn’t a spa but a hardcore detox facility where she was pumped with drugs.”

Carey now reportedly calls her siblings her ex-brother and ex-sister while referring to her mother as Pat.  The insider said, “She says they have treated her like an ATM machine and she gave them money time and time again. Mariah blames her PTSD - which she still suffers from to this day - on her family and what they have done to her over the years. She felt abandoned by everyone,” adding that her only rescue at the time was pop legend Prince, who “gave her a Bible that she still has.”

Describing Carey’s relationship with Mottola, the source said the music executive threatened her with a knife after “she fell for him (Derek Jeter)”. “She met Derek at a dinner party and she fell for him very hard and she threw caution to the winds and allowed him to walk her to her car. Tommy found out about Derek and was enraged. He picked up a butter knife and pressed the flat side of it against her right cheek while ‘his boys’ – two industry biggies who were there – watched and didn’t say a word,” the source mentioned. “Then he slowly dragged the knife down her face. She wasn’t physically injured by Tommy but it finally gave her the courage to leave him.”

The book will also see Carey describing her horrified stay with Mottola in their mansion that had a pistol range, a recording studio, and two swimming pools. “She calls the mansion ‘Sing Sing’ after New York’s most notorious prison. It was protected by armed guards. She says that there were security cameras in most of the rooms and Tommy used them to watch her every movement,” the source added.


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