Nashville musicians seem to really love their greens. Country singer Margo Price has just announced that she is working on a new project with country crooner Willie Nelson where she will be developing a new line of weed. The collaboration is under the umbrella of Nelson's marijuana production company called Willie's Reserve. Price has openly admitted to smoking weed says that she has always preferred weed over alcohol. The date of the launch has not yet been revealed and neither has the name of the collaboration.

In an interview with High Times, the singer said that she loves the taste of the plant and she prefers it because of its lack of butane. "Does it feel a little 'extra'? It is seriously so good because there’s no butane. Butane is terrible for my voice, and sometimes—depending on the batteries being used – vaping irritates it, too.  With the magnifying glass, all you taste is the weed, which is a bonus as well."

The collaboration is under the umbrella of Nelson's marijuana production company called Willie's Reserve. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images,)
The collaboration is under the umbrella of Nelson's marijuana production company called Willie's Reserve. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images,)

Price said she uses cannabis to help ease her back pain and her insomnia issues. Her hybrid would focus on the same. "It’s an indica, which is great for my insomnia, as well as back pain. I hope that it’s just the first of a venture that will lead to my being more involved in weed [retail]. I have found that a little taste from a weed gummy will put me right to sleep. It’s so much better for me than taking melatonin, and I hate taking NyQuil or Tylenol PM. We don’t know what those are really doing to us, but if I can take a tiny piece of weed that tastes like a strawberry gummy bear and go to sleep, count me in," she said.

The collaboration, she said, was something she wanted to do for a while. "It’s been a long time in the making. At the Luck Reunion, my manager came up to me and said that [Willie’s Reserve] was inviting a few people to test some of their weed, and there was the chance that they may offer someone the opportunity to name their own strain. I immediately wanted to do it, but a huge tornado came through on the day we were originally supposed to go, so it kind of fell through. So I just kept writing them afterward, asking about the naming offer; it was like, 'Guys, some [musicians] want to sell clothes on the Home Shopping Network, but I want to sell weed.' I just wanted to do it legally this time."

Pretty vocal about the legalization of the substance, she said she cannot wait to smoke it "completely open." She said, "I look forward to a day when I can be completely open with preferring to just smoke. I think it makes everyone completely peaceful, along with all the other benefits. There's just such a grey area for it [in Nashville]. I feel like it's pretty socially accepted, but it's really not in certain circles here." She added that that's one of the reasons why she likes to chill with musicians. "That’s why I mostly hang out with musicians; they’re outsiders and weirdos, anyway," she said. 

Elizabeth Hogan, lead brand developer for Willie’s Reserve told the same publication, "It’s a natural extension of Margo’s love of Willie and weed, and our love of Margo’s music and outlaw attitude. This started where a lot of collaborations do – as an idea backstage, around a joint. She’s been a regular at Willie’s festivals since before the Willie’s Reserve brand launched, with us first meeting her in March of 2016 at the Luck Reunion in Texas. Margo has been so enthusiastic, curious and outspoken about cannabis legalization, eventually, it just made sense to make it happen, " she said before adding, "Musicians supporting cannabis is nothing new, and artist voices are incredibly powerful for building support, but it takes an extra dose of boldness to speak up about cannabis in a pre-legalization community like Nashville. As a badass woman living and working in a more conservative place, Margo definitely helps shine a different light on the topic." Singers like Blake Shelton, Toby Keith and Eric Church among numerous other singers have advocated marijuana use in the past.