Singer Maren Morris claps back at haters who criticized her body

Maren Morris claps back at trolls who decided to criticize her body in a photo and her husband, Ryan did the same.

                            Singer Maren Morris claps back at haters who criticized her body
Maren Morris (Source:Getty Images)

Maren Moris knows she will not sit back and let the haters talk about her body. The singer decided to clap back at haters who trolled her for a photo she had recently uploaded. Maren was spotted wearing a black bodysuit and a set of jean shorts. While the singer looked absolutely stunning in the dress, many people commented about the outfit being sexual. Maren decided to shut down the haters in the best way possible. 

The singer took to Instagram to post another picture. This time, she was wearing a floral dress while holding on to a half-eaten burger. she used the photo to spread an important message about loving oneself and not letting haters get the better of oneself. She also made it loud and clear to her fans that she was happy in her body and took pride in being strong and not skinny. 

At first, Maren pointed out what was wrong in the comments that were left on her previous photo. "Some turds on my last picture had the cowardly gall to suggest that I deserved creepy sexual advances from men for my clothing, so I ought to cover up, & I thought it was pretty horrifying. I realize I chose this career and I chose to put a picture on this platform, but choosing to illicit sex acts from wearing a bodysuit? No. That is what’s wrong with it all," she wrote. 

Maren added that she loves her body just the way it is and will not change a thing. "I refuse to ever, EVER be ashamed of the body God gave me. I’m proud to be Irish, Native American, English... proud of my cellulite and proud of my strong back + arms. I worked my ass off on my body the last few months, and I’m proud to show that work. All day little girls + boys are measuring themselves against societal shame & fake photoshopped bodies on Instagram," she added.

She went on to add that she wants to be her real self and in turn be a role model for others. "So what I guess I’m saying is, I didn’t choose to be a role model for body-shaming, judgmental nobodies; I LOVE being a role model for kids and anyone who’s just trying to figure out how to love themselves every day. Screw the haters and eat your damn cheeseburger. 🍔 #StrongNotSkinny," Maren concluded. 

Among the many who had commented, some also happened to be women. It is then that Maren's husband decided to speak up. Writing in the comment section of the photo he wrote, "I don’t usually respond because Maren can handle herself. But I had a whole response to this based on the fact that usually, only dudes leave that sh-t on here but you’re a woman! Wow!"

He further added, "Maybe even a mom, I didn’t check. But I would hope no one ever said something like that to you or maybe your poor, poor daughter, who will probably grow up in a house that tells her that her own body is a bad thing. Maren isn’t naked. Leave my wife alone and go back in the hole you crawled out of."