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Ohio mom left starving toddlers naked inside filthy room, showed more concern for pets after cops rescued them

Marcisha Ortiz is currently facing child endangerment charges after leaving both her boys with no food or water on a soiled mattress in a room littered with trash
(Toronto Police)
(Toronto Police)

TORONTO, OHIO: The mother of two young children is facing several charges after the toddlers were found naked inside a filthy room with no food or water and without any supervision. Marcisha Ortiz, 27, had allegedly locked up the two kids inside the room that was said to be in a horrible condition. One of the boys was seen dangling out of the two-story window by a neighbor who alerted the police. The authorities then made the disturbing find on Friday afternoon in Toronto, Ohio. 

Reports said Ortiz had left her apartment at around 5 am on November 27 and had gone to work, leaving both her boys with no food or water or any supervision on a soiled mattress in a room littered with trash. The police released body-camera footage which showed the moment officers were forced to climb a ladder to enter the home. The police found two children, aged 2 and 3 years, in what police described as "deplorable conditions".

While speaking to WTOV, Sgt. Derrick Piatt who had climbed in through the window spoke about the "deplorable conditions" as "probably one of the worst houses I've even been in." In the video, a little boy is seen totally naked by the window after neighbors saw him throwing clothes in the alley below. His brother can be seen to the right of the screen in nothing but a red t-shirt in a fetal position. Piatt shared that there were "several hundred flies" inside the apartment. 

The locks on the door handles had been shut using an extension cord which forced Piatt to cut through the wires to open the doors for other officers. Ortiz did not explain why she had left the two children inside the apartment with no food or supervision. Piatt said "she didn't give us any reason" and "just looked at us, and stated she didn't know." While speaking to WTRF, Piatt said, "She was more worried about what was going to happen to the cats and spiders that she had as pets." She is now facing a felony charge of endangering the welfare of children and possession of drugs. She is being held in prison for the alleged crime and her two children are currently under Child Protective Services protection.

Many social media users commented on the news in disgust. One such user shared, "This is so sad. I wish I could house all the kids that have to experience these situations and treat them how they should be treated." Another added, "Dear heavens!! This is horrible and I'm stunned!!"

"Can I please adopt these children? its so sad to see how bad kids are being treated," commented another. Yet another added, "so sad! Heartbreaking! Children should never have to live like this."





Recent research shows that children who suffer from violence or abuse early in life show biological signs of aging faster than children who have never experienced any trauma. These findings could lead to an explanation as to why children who suffer trauma often face poor health later in life and underscores the need for early interventions to help avoid those consequences.