'I was like, please don't say cut': 'Pollock' star Marcia Gay Harden reveals her favorite on-screen kiss

'I was like, please don't say cut': 'Pollock' star Marcia Gay Harden reveals her favorite on-screen kiss
Marcia Garden Harden recently revealed which was her best on-screen kiss to date (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Marcia Gay Harden gives the impression of being an open book as she doesn't hold back when answering questions about her personal life. The 'Pollock' star, who has spoken about her three children being queer, recently disclosed who she had the best on-screen kiss with.

The 63-year-old actress was able to recall her favorite movie kiss right away while talking about it with ET's Kevin Frazier. Harden referred to her co-star from the 2000 drama/romance film as she said, "Ed Harris in Pollock. Bar none," according to ET. She admitted that she "worships" and "loves" Harris' real-life wife Amy Madigan, but she recalls wishing the kissing sequence between the two of them hadn't ended.


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'Please don't say cut, Ed'

Harden said, "I was like, 'Please don't say cut, Ed, please'. [Then he said], 'Cut,' [and I was like], 'OK,'" according to ET. Harden's portrayal as Lee paid off. Aside from receiving a lovely kiss from the now-72-year-old actor Harris, who also directed the film, she won an Oscar for best actress in a supporting role.


Harden has appeared in many on-screen kiss scenes and Margaret, the character she plays on 'So Help Me Todd', is also getting ready to kiss a new person. She said of the scene, "Margaret has this wonderful man played by Jeff Nordling... He comes in and he's trying to date her."

Harden continued, "She's so sort of resistant, and then all of a sudden, they have that beautiful kiss. I think it will awaken something in her that we haven't seen yet, although I don't think she's going to want to be any less controlling," according to ET.


Who is Marcia Gay Harden's husband?

Harden is not currently involved in a relationship or married. She was previously married to Thaddaeus Scheel. Harden and Scheel got married in July 1996 and their divorce was finalized in 2012. They have three children together.

'I think that's one of the hardest journeys for parents to do'

Apart from on-screen kissing scenes, Harden's character in 'So Help Me Todd' is becoming used to allowing her adult son Todd, played by Skylar Astin, to develop into his own person. Harden has experience with it as she is a "hands-on" mother to three children, Hudson, 19, Julitta, 19, and Eulala, 24.


Harden said, "I think that's one of the hardest journeys for parents to do. Let me step back and let you be who you are and just trust that you're going to be OK. They're not nice during this moment. They will not be nice... You have to go, 'OK. I love you anyway. I'll be there for you anyway. I will love you to the end of time.' But it's tough," according to ET.

"You want them to pass the torch down to you. My kids teach me all about gender. My son teaches me all about LGBTQ+. My youngest daughter is teaching me all about art in London and history. They're teaching me and that's what I think is important for me... I'm always going to be a student and I can learn from anybody," Harden concluded.

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 Marcia Gay Harden reveals her favorite on-screen kiss