'Many Sides of Jane': Looking at Dissociative Identity Disorder through the eyes of Jane Hart who has 9 identities inside her

When it comes to healing and moving forward, Jane believes that the goal is not to get rid of her parts but to help them work better together

                            'Many Sides of Jane': Looking at Dissociative Identity Disorder through the eyes of Jane Hart who has 9 identities inside her

Jane Hart suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, earlier known as Multiple Personality Disorder. DID can be defined as a rare condition where two or more extremely distinct identities are present in and can take control of an individual. Why people develop DID is not clear but the majority report having gone through some sort of trauma such as severe physical and sexual abuse in childhood.

A&E’s documentary 'Many Sides of Jane' explores the 28-year-old's multiple identities which are nine to be exact. Jane does have some more parts inside which are not as developed or have not yet made themselves known at the current stage of therapy.

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Jane is a mother of two and has a special brain. Learn more about Jane's journey with DID Tuesdays at 10PM. #ManySidesOfJane

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Her nine identities include:

1. 6-year-old Janey who is innocent and childlike and has no memory of abuse.
2. Beth who is 10 and traumatized at enduring a majority of the abuse.
3. Jaden who is an 11-year-old tomboy and defensive of Jane’s abusers.
4. Alexis who is Jane’s 17-year-old energetic, fun-loving, and impulsive part.
5. Jerry who holds all the anger about Jane’s abuse and stops her from fully feeling the emotion of anger.
6. Ashley who is 19-year-old and recently made herself known in therapy.
7. Madison who is Jane's 28-year-old part and is a lesbian. She wants nothing to do with men and is a protector of Jane and all her "parts".
8. Jeffery who is Jane’s male counterpart.
9. A new non-verbal part which has just started to emerge.

Jane revealed that she was 17 years old when she first remembered the horrific abuse — sexual, emotional, and physical — that she went through as a child and began to have horrible dreams as well as hearing voices. She decided that she needed to leave home and escape. Jane ended up in Alaska, got married, and also had two children. However, as her marriage fell apart, the stress and chaos lead to her going insane and even suicidal.

By the age of 24, the voices had become "too loud" which is when she decided to get help and was diagnosed with DID. As Jane deals with her DID, the one area where she believes it affects her most is when it comes to serious relationships.



Jane feels that the person she is dating become "our partner" as she puts it, adding that all nine identities don’t always see eye to eye especially when it comes to dating.

In the past, dating has been a challenging affair for Jane whose identities can come forward at any point if they sense stress or danger. Navigating intimacy with a person can be even more difficult, given the fact that she sometimes has flashbacks causing a more dominant identity to take over. She also revealed that when her younger identities are close to the surface, any sort of physical intimacy becomes impossible. This can make it very difficult for a person to understand Jane and her many parts, as it has proved in the past.

Jane Hart (Source: YouTube)
Jane Hart (Source: YouTube)

On the other hand, being a single mother to two young boys, Jane explained how all her identities come together to help out with parenting. She also has a nanny who pitches in with the boys and is aware of Jane’s DID.

Jane also spoke about how her personalities tend to come out during her therapy sessions with her psychologist, Christopher Waters, whose aim is to help all of Jane’s parts express themselves and tell their story. When talking about healing and helping her various parts, Jane says, "The goal is not to get rid of my parts. It’s to help them work better together."