'Manifest': Where will the fall finale take us in the Jeff Rake-directed show?

The show is about to take a turn which might clarify all the mysteries or bring up something new for the characters.

                            'Manifest': Where will the fall finale take us in the Jeff Rake-directed show?

NBC's 'Manifest' is just one episode away from its fall break, and fans of the most popular show on TV cannot hold their excitement about the fall finale episode.

Following the discoveries made in episode 8, the ninth episode will see all our heroes team up to fight the villain, who will make an appearance on this episode for the first time in the show.

Although introducing the villain towards the end is not always a good idea, hopefully, it will prove otherwise for the Jeff Rake-directed show. 

As the fall finale, episode 9 is set to end with a bang as the Stone siblings (played by Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh), along with their trusted accomplices, Saanvi (played by Parveen Kaur), Jared (played by JR Ramirez), and NSA head Vance (played by Daryl Edwards), will break into the UDS labs were the 11 missing passengers are being experimented upon.

What they will find there might change the course of the show, but it will certainly be a revelation that will either add or remove all the suspense from the show.


As the story approaches its climax, here are the four things that you should expect following the fall finale:

1. A Villainous Disappearance

So long 'Manifest' has heavily inclined towards its mythical angle, perceiving the story from the perspective of Michaela, who strongly believes that there is some kind of divine intervention involved behind their "callings".

However, with her brother Ben's discoveries coming under focus, the show is gradually taking a turn towards a sci-fi angle. It might be soon revealed that the UDS head, Lawrence, who was introduced in the eighth episode, might actually be the man responsible for the disappearance of the plane almost five and a half years ago.

Lawrence wants the experiments on the 11 missings passengers to get over before the NSA comes in, and he has been pacing up the work by reducing the time allotted to do the experiment from 48 hours to 18 hours. 


Probably Lawrence is one of those mad scientists trying to figure out on how many levels mirror neurons can exchange information from one human brain to the other. In order to do so, he is probably artificially re-designing all the imitated data from the other passengers who are receiving the "calling". As we already know that Cal (played by Jack Messina) is being most affected by these callings, it leaves us with the question of whether Lawrence is aware of Cal's clairsensitivity. In that case, he might be trying to bring down Ben who has been interfering the most with his work, by getting at him through his son. 

2. Fallout in Relations

Relationships are hanging by a thread in the Jeff Rake-directed show, and it won't be too late before the star couples, Ben-Grace and Jared-Michaela, break apart. Fans are already speculating that Grace might just move on with Danny, after the fall finale. Following the sudden disappearance of her husband, Grace moved on with her life along with Danny whom she met at a peer support group. Although she did break all her ties with Danny when Ben arrived, Danny's presence remained constant. Even their daughter, Olive, who lived through her teen years with Danny seems to be more comfortable with him than Ben. 


Chances are Ben will probably move out to make space for Danny, and end up with Saanvi who has been his partner in all the discoveries. As for Michaela, it is already established that her former fiance Jared is now expecting a child with her best friend, Lourdes. In the eighth episode, Michaela finally let go of Jared from her life and embraced the fact that she has to move away from them. Fans are speculating that probably with Matt Long's character, Zeke, entering the show in 2019, it will be a new beginning for Michaela as she moves on in her now overly complicated life. 

3. Twin aging

Olive and Cal, the Stone twins, have probably been the biggest collateral damage in the aftermath of the plane's re-appearance. In the bizarre turn of events, Olive has grown by five years, whereas Cal has not aged a day. Director Rake had earlier mentioned that with actor Jack Messina's coming of age, it will be difficult to maintain Cal as a 10-year-old for too long. Probably when the show returns after fall, Cal will grow by a few years, and maybe he will be able to get a good grip on his clairsensitivity. Cal is already a piece of a miracle, as he has managed to survive for five extra years, in spite of the doctors claiming that his leukemia will barely allow him to live for more than a year. 


At the same time, the more Cal grows the more he will be able to understand his powers, and it can be assumed that he will probably be the one who will ultimately solve the mystery shrouding the disappearance of Montego Air Flight 828.

Also, Cal is the first one to witness the "calling", and there are chances that he already knows what is going on with the 11 missing passengers, and maybe it will be a good time for Ben to actually turn his attention towards his son, who might have more answers than all their data combined. 

Before heading to its fall-break, 'Manifest' will air one last time on Monday at 10 pm.