'Manifest': The Fall finale will end with a bang. Here's what you can expect

After finding what was lost, will the Stones once again lose everything? Or this time is the enemy closer than he appears to be?

                            'Manifest': The Fall finale will end with a bang. Here's what you can expect

NBC's record-breaking show, 'Manifest', starring Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, Athena Karkanis, J.R.Ramirez, and Saanvi Bahl, is about to close down before going for a long winter break, and we will have to wait till January 2019 to find out what happened on Montego Air Flight 828 when it went missing five years ago. It can be guessed at this point that the Jeff Rake-directed show is gradually moving away from its mythical angle and slanting towards the sci-fi part where the time wrap will probably be explained. 

As the Stone siblings, along with Vance and Saanvi are about to encounter one of the most dangerous moments of their lives, they come across several new secrets and information which is about to change the entire course of the investigation. Running side by side is the relationship dynamics of the couples which are heavily affected by the ongoing investigations and mystery. Rightly, named as 'Dead Reckoning', episode 9 will bring the characters together as they put their lives on the line in order to save a missing passenger. However, things soon go out of hand as they finally meet the person who was responsible for abducting and illegally experimenting on the 11 missing passengers. 




Following the eighth episode which left on a note where Cal experiences another passenger's pain through his clairsensitive powers, here are the top four things that we can expect from Episode 8:

1. Missing Victim: Lost and Found

The promo trailer of Episode 9 reveals a woman coming in contact with Ben. It soon turns out that she is one of the missing passengers who was abducted the moment the plane landed and was used as a lab rat to find out more about the callings through mirror neurons. As a victim, the anonymous woman reveals secrets about the experiment to Ben, Saanvi, and Michaela who, along with Vance, get in a pursuit of hunting down the group of scientists who have kept the missing passengers as captive. This revelation will be a big moment in the show as it will answer a lot of questions. 

There is a new passenger onboard. (NBC)
There is a new passenger onboard. (NBC)

Once Ben finds out what these experiments are about, he will be able to understand how they are affecting Cal. That will probably help Saanvi to come with a suitable plan to save Cal. As for Michaela, she will finally get to know if her "callings" were something divine or if there is some human interference involved. Most of all, we will probably get to know what happened on the plane, and if this group of people was involved in the disappearance. 

2. The Serpent's Nest

The information given out by the missing passenger will probably lead the gang to the nerve center of the group of people. The dubious team of scientists has been trying to artificially replicate data from the other passengers by connecting their brain waves with the missing passengers. We can expect that the gang will not receive a very pretty welcome from them, and as the promo trailer reveals this time the "callings" have led them to the battleground. However, this could also be a test for Ben who might want to get into a negotiation with the scientists as their experiment is directly hurting his son. 




We were already introduced to the UDS baddie, Lawrence, in the last episode, and this time he is about to be Ben's biggest threat in trying to protect his son. Lawrence is on to something, and as Fiona has guessed he is probably trying to track down the pattern of the "callings" by following the brain waves of the other passengers through the missing passengers. However, we can also assume that the experiment happened the moment the plane disappeared. Probably five years ago they were abducted and experimented upon, which resulted in them hearing strange voices and seeing things. Which one could it be?

3. Death arrives

The synopsis of the ninth episode reads as, "When Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive." Considering the battle scenes that were revealed in the promo trailer, it can be assumed that any one of the main characters is about to die. Although we did see Michaela getting extremely close to the blast, we also see another person falling down when the blast happens. We don't yet know who will be the dead person, but it will certainly have a traumatic effect on Ben and Grace's life and will draw Michaela closer to Jared. 


Someone will die, but who will it be? (NBC)
Someone will die, but who will it be? (NBC)

However, the most appropriate guess would probably be Cal who is suffering the most due to the experiments. Already suffering from leukemia, Cal has been falling weaker with every "calling" that he gets and being clairsensitive he can feel the missing passengers' pain with the same intensity when they get electrocuted. It will probably be difficult for him to keep up with all of it, and he might drop his bundle. 

4. The Beginning of an End

With somebody dying all we can expect is the rest will move on. In the synopsis, it has been mentioned that with the person's death "The devastating result pushes Ben and Grace (Athena Karkanis) to a traumatic brink while pulling Michaela and Jared (J.R. Ramirez) dangerously close together." In case, if it is Cal we can only expect that Grace will probably move out with Danny, while Olive will stay back with Ben as one last attempt to keep the family together. However, it cannot be said yet since in the last episode Grace and Ben finally pushed aside their differences to begin their life anew. 




On the other hand, the death of the person is supposed to bring Michaela and Jared closer, but that will have complications of its own. We already know that Lourdes and Jared are expecting a baby on the way, and Michaela declared that she would not want to interfere in their plans to have a family. However, it cannot be denied that she and Jared have retained their feelings for each other, and throughout they have looked out for each other. So, we cannot say for sure if Michaela and Jared will get back together, any time soon. 

'Manifest' returns to NBC on Monday at 10 p.m. for its fall finale. Watch the promo trailer below: