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When will ‘Manifest’ Season 3 return? Here's what to expect from Montego Air's tailfin twist after Covid-19 break

The wait is not too long. Announcing the release date, the official Twitter handle of NBC's supernatural drama series tweeted: 'It's all connected. #Manifest returns to @NBC in 2021'
Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’ (NBC)
Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’ (NBC)

If you watched that bittersweet ‘Manifest’ finale, you might be holding your breath to see the next installment now. After dropping several shocking bombs as two major characters — Zeke Landon (Matt Long) and Cal Stone (Jack Messina) — danced with death, the NBC show ended a huge mystery. As the coronavirus pandemic peters out, a chunk of TV shows is all set to make a comeback.

The wait won't be too long. Announcing the release date, the official Twitter handle of NBC's supernatural drama series tweeted: "It's all connected. #Manifest returns to @NBC in 2021, streaming on @PeacockTV." In a recent update, the production began on September 22, 2020, in New York and Jeff Rake — the creator and executive producer of ‘Manifest’ — posted a photo from the first day. "Ep 301, Day 1. Sunshine. Kids. Somewhere..." he wrote. 



Here's a look at what to expect when the series comes back with a set of new twists and turns. 

Ben, Grace and 828 baby (NBC)

Where we left off

Titled 'Icing Conditions', Season 2 finale left a number of questions buzzing in the minds of viewers. As Episode 13 came to a close, it led to Zeke Landon's (Matt Long) resurrection and soon after, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) realized if they follow the callings, they can beat death. When the NYPD cops tried to look for the three criminals — Kory Jephers (DazMann Still), Jayce (James McMenamin) and Pete Baylor (Devin Harjes) — their bodies couldn't be found. Were they really just shadows?

Well, not just that, in a scuffle, Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) became responsible for the death of Major (Elizabeth Marvel). As if that in itself wasn't enough, NBC's sci-fi drama added another mystery element at the end. Ben had a calling — the entire plane exploded into ashes and brought a fishing boat off Cuba into focus with a new set of faces. ​Birds circled around in the sky and the men looked up at something strange. The ship read, "Montego Airways," and a man cried out, "Are those 828 passengers?" 

That strange last scene has haunted fans until now and they can't stop wondering what's next for the next season. 

Saanvi and the Major (NBC)

What we'd like to see

There's a lot on fans' minds before ‘Manifest’ Season 3 makes a return. Saanvi probably had the most challenging arc this season. Shedding light on what's in store for her, Rake told Entertainment Weekly: "We have her going forward with the real-world turmoil of having committed a terrible, terrible crime and that raises all sorts of real-world questions. Will Vance help her try to cover this up?" adding, "Will any of the cops that we know and love be involved in that? Could Saanvi get away with murder? That's half the equation that's going to play out throughout season 3 in a very suspenseful, compelling way."

What's more, he gave a major spoiler by saying the meth trio will make a comeback next season. Teasing that the characters will gain much more importance, he said, "How these three individuals experience their return and what they choose to do with it, is going to have mythological implications that are probably more significant than anything else that has happened since the pilot."

Addressing the elephant in the room, Rake also spoke about the tail fin that was seen on the ship. "Once that tail fin becomes worldwide news very early in season three, the entire globe is going to be asking that question and that’s going to point fingers at the passenger," he said, adding, "If the materials they’re testing, in fact, bear out that they're identical to the tail fin that landed in New York, what does that say about our passengers? Who are they? If they are not the people who landed in New York, who are they? What are they? That opens a real can of worms in season three for the passengers, as everyone becomes scared to death of them over again. But it also opens a mythological and psychological question, as the passengers ask themselves, 'What are we?!'" 

Zeke and Michaela (NBC)

When is it returning?

In a sneak peek for fans, ‘Manifest’ makers posted a photo of the script and asked: "Your first look at Episode 1 of #Manifest Season 3! The title has 7 letters total. Here are 2. Any guesses?" Clearly, it was a hint leading to Tail Fin, wasn't it? Back in August, Rake also shared a set of spoilers for the next installment in a two-minute 37-second clip.

Ben and Saanvi will get into the details of the Montego Air tailfin and a long-lost character may make a shocking reappearance. A new Flight 828 passenger, whom we've never met, will be introduced in the season premiere. No wonder, actress Holly Taylor has been added as a series regular in the new season. As per Deadline, she will play the role of Angelina and her emergence will play an integral part in the lives of the Stone family.

Jared will have a complicated new relationship. Will he be back with bartender Tamara (Leah Gibson)? In an exclusive interview with MEA World Wide (MEAWW), she hinted at the future of the relationship and said, "Sometimes, you cannot differentiate between a minor fling and something that becomes more than that." Not just that, the third season will pick up three months from where we left off. Someone from Grace's side of the family might be introduced, Zeke and Michaela will move to a new place and they will have to deal with an unexpected third party. Rake also said not all passengers are motivated to use the callings for good.



So, when will the show be back on air? ‘Manifest’ returns for a third season of action-packed drama, shocking revelations and the answer to the show’s biggest mystery – what happened to the passengers of Flight 828 – on Thursday, April 1, 2021! Get set to watch new episodes every Thursday from 8 PM ET to 9 PM ET.