'Manifest' Season 2: Jeff Rake teases characters will face a more immediate danger and have no choice but to work together

The season will pick up from where we were left as Michaela found herself in harm's way and the passengers realized their ultimate fates

                            'Manifest' Season 2: Jeff Rake teases characters will face a more immediate danger and have no choice but to work together

NBC has renewed 'Manifest' after season 1 of the series had its finale in January, leaving its viewers on a cliffhanger. Coming from creator Jeff Rake, 'Manifest' revolves around the Stone family who are struggling to survive after the mysterious incident on Montego Air Flight 828 which disappeared for five years between New York and Jamaica.

Three members of the Stone family, Ben (Josh Dallas), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and Cal (Jack Messina) were on the plane and when they landed, they began to hear stranger voices in their heads they referred to as "Callings", which would often predict their futures. 

Creator Jeff Rake gave us a tiny glimpse into what can be expected from season 2, and while speaking with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), he said, "I couldn’t be more excited to jump into the next chapter of our story. Fans can expect a deeper dive into the emotional lives of our characters, as well as some key scientific and mythological discoveries about the plane and its passengers."

The show already has been following a mythical aspect where it often refers to religious ideas in order to expand on the mysterious story of the missing plane. This religious aspect was highlighted through Michaela's character who believed the voices were some form of divine intervention, giving her a chance to rectify past mistakes. 

Michaela highlights the religious aspect of 'Manifest'. (IMDb)

However, at the end of season 1, we witnessed Michaela caught between a brawl when the frame closed up on her face, and a gunshot was heard at the background. While fans are hoping Michaela will be well and alive in season 2, some are claiming she might have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

One fan on Twitter claimed, "Actually I think Michaela might sacrifice herself...I don't know maybe something that requires her to do whatever it takes to save everyone she loves!" While we don't know for sure if Michaela will actually face her fate earlier than the rest of the passengers, Rake has subtly indicated that the passengers will face even more immediate danger. After solving the puzzle which a "Calling" had put them into, the passengers realized that although they had cheated death on the plane, they now have barely five and a half more years to live.


Rake explained, "Faced with the prospect of only 5 1/2 years left, the characters will make deeply personal choices about the lives they want to live. Old wounds will be reopened, bucket lists created. But as callings reveal even more immediate threats to their lives, the passengers will realize they have no choice but to keep working together — and that they remain all connected, whether they like it or not". 'Manifest' was renewed for season 2, and it will perhaps air this year, in fall.