'Manifest' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything you need to know about NBC's hit supernatural show

Fans who are eagerly waiting for answers to the airplane mystery will have to wait till season 2 returns midseason. Here's everything you need to know about the hit show

                            'Manifest' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything you need to know about NBC's hit supernatural show

Good news, 'Manifest's season 2 is renewed. Bad news, the wait is too long! The NBC hit show which prompted comparisons with 'Lost,' as well as the brand new show 'The Society,' has amassed a wide fanbase. The show recently premiered in France mid-May with over five million viewers tuning in to watch the airplane mystery show. The premiere episode of the first season of Manifest was both the top-rated new show for the broadcast season and the top-rated show airing that week with total viewers amassing 18.40 million.

Here's everything you need to know about season 2 of the hit supernatural series:

A still from season 1 (Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers)


Release date

Season 2 of Manifest was renewed by NBC in April and on May, the show was pushed for a midseason premiere instead of fall. Here's why. Midseason is between January and May, so we can expect season 2 around that time. The first season is about to start airing in the US on  channel Sky One at 9pm on July 30.

On July 2, Josh Dallas shared a photo of the cast and creator Jeff Rake laughing together at the –presumably first – table read for the season.



The supernatural drama starts when the Stone family returns from a trip to Jamaica and are compelled to take separate flights back home. The brother-sister duo Michaela and Ben take the later flight along with Ben's son Cal, while their parents, Ben's wife Grace and their daughter Olive travel on another flight. Michaela's flight is met with turbulence and when they finally land in New York, the scenario is strange. It is revealed to them that five-and-a-half years have inexplicably passed during their time in the air, and their loved ones, assuming they would never return, have tried to adapt to a new life without them. Michaela and Ben also find out that their mother has died, and Michaela's boyfriend Jared has married her best friend. 


We can expect the core cast members to return in the new season, and also expect some new faces with new mysteries. 

(L-R) J.R. Ramirez, Athena Karkanis, Parveen Kaur, Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas the "Manifest" screening during SCAD aTVfest at SCADshow on February 9, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Getty Images)

The upcoming season will see Melissa Roxburgh (of 'Star Trek Beyond' fame) reprising her role as NYPD police officer Michaela Stone and Josh Dallas (of 'Once Upon a Time' fame) returns as her brother, Ben, an associate professor. Athena Karkanis ('House of Cards') plays Ben's wife Grace, Luna Blaise plays Ben and Grace's daughter Olive Stone and Jack Messina is Olive's twin brother Cal.

'Jessica Jones' star JR Ramirez returns as NYPD detective Jared Vasquez, Michaela's ex-fiancé married to her former best friend, Lourdes, played by 'Gotham' actor Victoria Cartagena. And then there's Parveen Kaur, who plays medical researcher Saanvi Bahl.

Parveen Kaur shared a photo of the team enjoying a meal together (Instagram)

Parveen Kaur, who plays the role of Saanvi Bahl, took to Instagram to share a photo of the team enjoying a meal together. This makes us all the more eager to see them all on the screen together.

Josh Dallas took to Instagram to share an image from behind the scenes of the sets of 'Manifest' season 2. (Instagram)


Showrunner Jeff Rake attends the "Manifest" press junket during SCAD aTVfest 2019 at Four Seasons Hotel on February 9, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Getty Images)

'Manifest's creator, Jeff Rake, was an attorney before becoming a writer. Born in Los Angeles, he is a producer and writer, known for 'The Mysteries of Laura,' 'The Tomorrow People,' and 'The $treet.'


A teaser was released on August 28.


Another exclusive look at the upcoming second season of NBC’s 'Manifest' was released directly from New York Comic-Con in October. The breakout hit drama will return with more heart-pounding mystery and answers to some of last season’s biggest questions!



Where to watch

The show airs on NBC on Mondays at 10 pm.

Michaela and Jared in 'Manifest' season 1 (NBC)

Season 1 recap 

The season’s final calling was to "stop him", which everyone thought was James Griffin, the guy who misused his power, jumped time by submerging himself in water, and earned himself a free pass for multiple homicides. Out of jail and suited up, Griffin was all geared to go live hit on TV, where he planned to reveal his "superpower", which would put Flight 828's passengers under scrutiny and jeopardy. As Griffin headed for his morning show appearance, Ben and Michaela arrived to beg him not to reveal their powers, but Griffin only cared about cashing in on his ability. Just when Zeke was about to fire the shot from the newly-purchased pistol, Griffin began expunging sea water and slumped to the ground and died. His death was reported as  "drowning on dry land".

Skimming through the coroner's report that Saanvi got out from an old classmate, Ben noticed that Griffin lived for exactly the same amount of time he was "gone" — 82 hours and eight minutes, when he was submerged underwater.

Ben's calculations revealed that Flight 828's passengers have their own expiration date as June 2, 2024, and ominously Cal's drawing had his Dad and Auntie Mick's headstones… all dated June 2, 2024. Grace, meanwhile, is pregnant and it's been only six weeks that Ben has been back, so he isn't the father.

The finale concluded with stressed-out Saanvi arriving for her first appointment with a shrink, who turned out to be "The Major". Jared showed up at Mick’s place to confront Zeke about his gun purchase and Zeke whipped out the gun he bought and explained why. Jared reached for the pistol and Michaela dashed up the stairs to "STOP HIM" only to enter the door just as a shot was fired. Who shot who is the major question the show leaves us with.

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