'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 6: Does Adrian's appearance outside the plane mean he is controlling the callings?

Adrian's mysterious appearance in 'Manifest' seems to have sparked new wild fan theories about how could have been responsible for the crash and the callings

                            'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 6: Does Adrian's appearance outside the plane mean he is controlling the callings?
Adrian (NBC)

If you watched the last episode of 'Manifest', you will be bewildered by one too many twists. Titled 'Return Trip', the episode ends on a major cliffhanger as Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) have a combined calling.

In the last frame of Episode 6, Adrian (Jared Grimes) can be spotted too, but he isn't inside the plane. His mysterious appearance seems to have sparked a new theory about how he could be controlling the callings and even, maybe be responsible for the crash.

Another hypothesis is that he could be an outsider, who can see all the callings.

What's more, right before the calling, he told Isaiah (Olli Haaskivi) that "another miracle was coming" and seemed to be quite aware of what was coming.

"Big WTF moment at the end of @NBCManifest tonight!! What’s Adrian’s part in all this?!?" one fan wrote and another wondered, "Yeah okay question. Mick, Ben and Saanvi were all interacting with each other. Why/How did NONE of them notice Adrian?"

Many fans had a theory about how he could be "in" on everyone's callings. "Adrian being outside the plane seems 2 give the connotation that he was in on everyone's callings all along," one tweet read.

The user continued, "*IF* he was behind it, then that could possibly mean he's been controlling/showing diff parallel universes of what really happened on Flight 828 to confuse them #Manifest."

Ben Stone (NBC)

Another said, "Adrian might be the guy (incarnate) Olive and TJ were talking about. Maybe he's figured out how to beat the death date already but is not spilling although not sure why. Maybe Adrian caused the crash. Why be outside the plane? There's something to that."

That's not all. Some are wondering if Adrian is working for the Major! "Does... Adrian... work for the Major?" one tweet read and another said, "So, left-field theory. Adrian is actually the Egyptian man from thousands of years ago who disappeared and returned before. Or one of his descendants."

A few fans don't want to see Adrian again in the NBC show. "Someone please kidnap Adrian and lock him in a concrete dungeon for the remainder of this show," one fan posted

Another shared, "#Manifest Adrian said there will be another miracle so I think he's going to sabotage a plane with believers on it to make it seem like a miracle."

The next episode of 'Manifest' airs on Monday, February 17, on NBC.

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