'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Is Grace and Ben's miracle 828 baby good news or bad news?

The biggest twist comes into the episode when Ben and Grace decide to get a paternity test done and the latter has a 'calling'

                            'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Is Grace and Ben's miracle 828 baby good news or bad news?
Grace and Ben (NBC)

The review contains spoilers for 'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2 — 'Grounded'.

Director Robert Vance is back, and it seems he could help join the dots with a few pieces of information about Flight 828. He reveals how he has been tracking the organization and its funds. The Major’s funding has dramatically increased in the last week and none of them are aware that Saanvi has been spilling secrets to The Major. Could Vance's comeback help them get to the core of the mysteries?

The biggest twist comes into the episode when Ben and Grace decide to go to get a paternity test done. However, just before the nurse could draw blood, Grace hears her own voice telling over and over to “stop!” While the DNA test is immediately thwarted, Ben realizes Grace has had a “calling” and the two assume it was through Ben's offspring. The two are happy that the baby's daddy is Ben indeed, and their daughter Olive is relieved but also concerned. No sooner does she find out Grace is having the “callings” too, she feels isolated and is unable to understand why she has been left out. 

In another scene, Grace realizes that the "calling" only allows Saanvi to take her blood. The idea of an 828 baby seems to be of major concern and it also makes them wonder if it already will be born with a death date of its own. On the other hand, it also makes everyone wonder if it could be a miracle baby! As the story takes a new turn, it brings new questions to the table. Is Grace having the "callings" herself or is it really the baby? Moreover, there is no concrete proof that the baby is Ben's until research proves it.


Ben also meets a new student TJ Morrison (Garrett Wareing) from Flight 828, whose callings either uncovered a violent crime or helped him commit one that leads him to a skeleton. He finds out that during the time he was missing, his mother committed suicide and threw all of the family's possessions. He doesn't even have a picture to remember her and his horrific visions of the grave have been disturbing. What's more, Michaela has a new partner Drea Mikami (Ellen Tamaki) and when she suspects that TJ is behind the murder, they have troubled times. 

Towards the end of the episode, TJ finally finds the pictures of his mom with the help of Ben. Ben, meanwhile meets an old friend Suzanne Martin (Yasha Jackson) and asks her for help to find a job. Vance and Ben together unravel the mystery behind The Major and Saanvi's connection. "How the hell does The Major know about Saanvi's discovery?" Now that Vance and the company know about The Major's information about DNA sequencing, it might help the show move one step ahead. 

Zeke pleads guilty after he is taken behind the bars. In the last segment, there is a shared "calling" among Cal, Zeke, and Mich. With Zeke currently in prison, the three are beyond each other's reach but still have a connection stronger than others. What could possibly be the reason behind it? Episode 2 of 'Manifest' leaves you on your toes to untie the knots and unravel the mystery.

The next episode airs on January 20 on NBC. 

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