'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2: Following Zeke's 'calling' in prison, fans wonder if someone will save him

After watching episode two titled 'Grounded', many fans tweeted saying they would run and go save Zeke themselves

                            'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2: Following Zeke's 'calling' in prison, fans wonder if someone will save him
Zeke in 'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 2 (NBC)

Titled 'Grounded', episode two of 'Manifest' was full of twists and turns. In the prison, Zeke pleads guilty and towards the end of the episode, there is a lot of emphasis on the shared visions of Cal, Zeke, and Mich. Zeke is beyond Michaela's reach and has the shortest span time left of all the returnees. Can anyone save him?

After watching the episode, fans are hellbent on running and saving Zeke themselves. "I have decided that I will go and save Zeke myself anyone is welcome to join #Manifest," one fan wrote and another said, "You see!! This is WHY Zeke never should've been arrested!! Now look at him!! Now, I'm recalling what happened to those poor people injected in the first season that got turned into lab rats! Save Zeke!"

One fan even wondered if TJ will help in that. "What if Zeke & TJ meet up & save each other??" one tweet read and another said, "TURBULENCE?! Something about that has to do with the 'save the passengers' calling with Mick, Cal and Zeke #Manifest."

Many are wondering why Zeke was apologizing to Michaela at the end of the episode. "We know Zeke is sorry that Michaela was shot. But what was Zeke apologizing for at the end of the episode? #Manifest," one fan posted. Some fans, however, are annoyed with the fact that Michaela is so concerned about him. "Why does Michaela care about Zeke so much?’ Ugh. She annoys me. #Manifest," one tweet read and another said, "Michaela not dropping this Zeke issue is making me tired. Girl, let it go. #Manifest."

Shedding light to all the major talking points, one fan wrote, "Another great ep of @NBCManifest this week! I'm anxious to find out who is keeping Zeke sedated, why Olive is making bad choices, what all Vance has been able to keep up with about the passengers, what's up with the captain, and when Ben will wear glasses again (#1 for me). #Manifest!"

The next episode of 'Manifest' will air on Monday, January 20 on NBC. Titled 'False Horizon', it may finally unrvel the mystery around Zeke's “calling” and could also show him being saved. 

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