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'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 11 mystery: Who are the men behind the three looming shadows?

The shadows are a reflection of the three men. Who are they and how are they related to the 828 passengers?
Pete, Jace and Kory (NBC)
Pete, Jace and Kory (NBC)

With a set of hidden symbols, 'Manifest' keeps the surprise factor going strong with every passing week. In Episode 11 'Unaccompanied Minors', the mystery of the three shadows comes back to haunt the Stone family.

The show takes a four-month jump and apparently, the shadows are still troubling Cal Stone (Jack Messina). Desperate for answers, Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) find a revelation that weirdly echoes Adrian's (Jared Grimes) apocalypse theory. Ben has slowly started to feel that Adrian was right in calling the 828 passengers: 'Agents of the Apocalypse'. It's a scary thought. But the cliffhanger at the end only reassures that bizarre theory.
Looking for answers, Ben reads out a verse from the Bible: "I saw three spirits coming — out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the Beast, out of the mouth of the false prophet." If that could somehow be true, then 828 passengers are all false prophets, indeed. Maybe the callings are deliberately creating bad scenarios to turn them into saviors in the end. 

Jack Messina as Cal Stone (NBC)

Later, in the episode, Jared and Michaela arrest three men. A shocking calling, however, repeatedly murmurs in Mich's head, "Let him go." Just as the three men are put behind bars, the three shadows come into play. So, that means, the shadows are a reflection of the three men. Who are they and how are they related to the 828 passengers?

Out of the three men, one is Kory Jephers (DazMann Still), a metro bus driver who helps deliver stolen cold medicine to a meth lab run by two brothers, Jace (James McMenamin) and Pete Baylor (Devin Harjes). Michaela first discovers them when she notices a man stealing a candy bar, but it turns out he took 20 boxes of cold medicine. 

Shockingly, the shadows still haunt Cal and towards the end, they slowly emerge from the corner of his bedroom to match the shadows being cast by Pete, Jace and Kory in the lock-up. As the next episode rolls out on March 30, 2020, it will hint on their involvement in the callings, how they are connected to the 828 passengers and whether they have any correlation to Saanvi Bahl's (Parveen Kaur) discoveries.