'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 10: What is the name of Grace's baby, is she the reason behind the three shadows?

Several Manifesters shared heartfelt wishes for Ben and Grace's baby and wondered what the baby's name was going to be

                            'Manifest' Season 2 Episode 10: What is the name of Grace's baby, is she the reason behind the three shadows?

'Manifest' packed a bunch of delightful surprises in this week's episode. As Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) tried to figure out the meaning of the callings, her water suddenly broke.

While she was urgently taken into surgery, the doctors said that either the baby could be saved or the mother. While Ben initially kept his promise to Grace and chose the baby, he changed his mind later on. Thanks to Adrian (Jared Grimes), a surgeon landed in the hospital who helped save both the premature baby and the mother. The heartwarming episode left fans emotional and they couldn't help but be overjoyed.

Several fans shared heartfelt wishes for the little one and even wondered what the baby's name was. "#Manifest every time I see a preemie baby, I hug my small one even tighter... 28 weeks," one wrote while another said, "Ben needs to be in that NICU guarding that baby cuz nobody can be trusted on this show."

"Zeke is okay! The baby is okay! Grace is okay! Billy got karma! Adrian is finally no longer on Ben's shit list! #Manifest," one delighted fan posted. Another wrote, "I think that if it ever comes down to your wife or your baby... You should choose to save your wife as a priority... Yall can always have another baby."

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone (NBC)

Many viewers couldn't stop wondering what the baby's name would be. "Ben and Grace named the baby Eden. Beautiful name. #Manifest," one wrote.

"This perfect family now with baby Eden," added a fan. Another said, "Awww!!! Welcome baby Eden Stone to the family!!"

A few, however, thought she would be named Faith. "#Manifest Thought they were going to name the baby Faith!" one tweet read and another said, "I thought they would name the baby Faith. Well, I'm wrong."

What's more, there are also speculations that the baby could be the reason for the evil callings or perhaps the three shadows could be behind the little one. "I feel like he shouldn’t have saved the baby. The shadows didn’t start coming until Grace’s water broke," one fan posted. Another said, "Okay but what if Cal’s having those callings cause the baby is the black shadow he keeps seeing..."

A viewer even went on to post, "I don’t know how the multiplying shadow could be the baby but I keep thinking that’s the baby for some reason?" Another wrote, "That shadow is getting bigger behind grace and now I’m scared for her and the baby."

When the next episode of 'Manifest' airs on Monday, March 23, it might reveal what the motive of the shadows is.

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