'Manifest' Episode 4 Preview: Four things to expect from Jeff Rake's NBC show

With the 4th episode set to release on October 15, 'Manifest' is now heading towards bringing in new mysteries to solve some old ones.

                            'Manifest' Episode 4 Preview: Four things to expect from Jeff Rake's NBC show

NBC has released a new promo trailer for its record-breaking show 'Manifest'. Directed by Jeff Rake, starring Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas, the 'Lost'-esque show follows the stories of the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 which went missing for more than five years. While the passengers were assumed dead by their loved ones, their return to the ground is not just about picking up from where they had left but a second chance to make things right. 

Episode 3 left us on a note that someone in the show might have the answers to why the passengers are experiencing mystical things. Saanvi (played by Parveen Kaur) found out that both she and Cal had the same mark on their brain which might have been caused due to a minor stroke that they probably had on the flight during turbulence. However, while that is not confirmed yet, the latest promo trailer reveals that there might be a few more things that Saanvi is aware of whereas the other passengers are not. Meanwhile, Grace (played by Athena Karkanis) has been explaining to Ben that she is over with Danny, however, there is an undertone to her expression which states that she is in a dilemma. 


As episode 4 is set to release on Monday, October 15, here are the five things that we will see unfold in the upcoming episode:

1. Jared and Michaela - friends or former lovers?

Michaela returned to the ground to realize that her to-be fiance, Jared (played by JR Ramirez), is already engaged to her best friend, Lourdes. Although she agrees to maintain a professional relationship with Jared, the constant reminder that he is now no longer engaged to her makes her despise Lourdes. Even when Lourdes pays a visit she completely ignores her on the premise that in spite of being her best friend, she went on to get engaged to Jared. However, Jared on his part continues to remain protective about Michaela who has been on a rescuing spree ever since she landed from that flight. 

While the rest of the police department is determined to assert that Michaela might be involved in something sinister since she was traceless for the past five years, Jared still believes that it was something else which was driving her mad. In the promo we see Jared trying to explain to Michaela that he still cares about her, but whether he still loves her or is simply considering her as a friend is not certain. 


2. Ben and Saanvi are up to something

Ben and Saanvi have been in touch since they got off the plane, as Saanvi was researching on a case for which Ben's son, Cal, was the perfect subject. While going through Cal's scans Saanvi discovered that he has certain marks on his brain which were not there before he entered into the flight. She also realizes that after the death of Kelly Taylor, almost all of her records were erased from all databases. Kelly's body, too, goes missing which we see being carried out by a group of men in suits. However, probably following whatever has been happening and the eerie visions and voices that they have been hearing, Ben has realized that Saanvi could actually help him out with things. 

The promo shows Ben and Saanvi collecting every data and report about all the passengers from Montego Air Flight 828 in order to match up the marks in their brains. The two are definitely on to something and it does not seem like that they will stop before finding out the answers. Saanvi too gets a vision about the flight attendant, and it seems that the attendant was up to something fishy during the turbulence. 


3. Danny's entry

Although Grace has been trying to convince Ben that she has removed Danny from her life, she probably hid a very big truth that she was in love with Danny. After Ben disappeared for almost five years, Grace was left alone with her daughter, Olive. It was during this period that she developed a strong bond with Danny which eventually develops into a romantic relationship. Grace's action until now is justified since she, just like everyone else, was of the opinion that her husband and son were dead, and it was time for her to move on. However, when Ben returns she finds herself in a dilemma - Ben is her husband and Danny is the man who took care of her when her husband was "dead". 

Danny is set to make his first appearance on the show in the upcoming episode, and Ben is certainly not very happy about it. He is frustrated and asks Grace why it was so difficult for her to keep him away from their life. While Grace's guilt is evident on her face, she also doesn't seem to want to let go of Danny. Earlier she had explained to Ben that Danny was there for her when Olive was entering her troubled teens, and he had helped take care of Olive. So there are possibilities that she would not let go of Danny very easily. 


4. Radd, a man without a visa

Radd had immediately developed a strong trust for Ben, who was in a somewhat similar situation as Radd. Both of them had returned to grown-up children. Unfortunately, in Radd's case, his son whom he had left behind with the neighbors, has grown up to be an 18-year-old with theft charges pressed against him. Although Radd boards the plane as a musician who had just performed in Jamaica, the moment he lands in the US his visa is immediately taken away. With his son behind bars and no visa, Radd had nothing else to resort to other than his music. A street musician who has a certain inclination toward world classical music, Radd is now trying to get his son back to his normal life. 

However, considering the time gap between when Radd left America -- Barack Obama was the president then, now Donald Trump is in the White House -- he struggles to make his ends meet, and his fate has strangely intertwined with Ben's who comes to help Radd re-unite with his son. Although Radd's son has been charged for theft, both Ben and Radd are trying hard to prove that his son is actually innocent. 

Watch the promo trailer below:

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