'Manifest': People have been accusing Grace of betrayal but here's why they shouldn't

Grace had logical reasons for moving on with her life, and considering that Ben didn't arrive back to the scene for five years, it's only fair she did.

                            'Manifest': People have been accusing Grace of betrayal but here's why they shouldn't

Fans have been claiming that the relationship between Grace and Danny is not justified, and Grace Stone is certainly to be blamed for "cheating on" Ben Stone. But did she though? Played by Athena Karkanis, Grace, Ben's (played by Josh Dallas) wife, was left behind with her daughter, Olive, when the Montego Air Flight 828 suddenly disappeared. Like all other passengers, Grace too was told that her husband and son who were on the flight have presumably died when the plane disappeared. This meant Grace had to move on with her life. But then five years later their lives change when the flight reappears as it mysteriously disappeared.

At that time, moving on with her life meant she had to live for Olive, who was too young at the time to be left without a father. Grace herself did not get out of bed for several months as she couldn't come to terms with the fact that two of her most beloved people had disappeared into the blue. However, she finally realized that she still has a daughter to live for and in order to put her life back together, she will have to get things out of her head. Grace attends a therapy session where she confesses her guilt over her family's downfall, and in that session, she meets Danny with whom she and Olive spend the next three years of their lives. 




Fans have been claiming that the flashback in the fifth episode was not enough to convince them that Grace was not guilty. But what should she be guilty of? Maybe, if seen from Ben's perspective for whom the plane had been delayed by only a few moments, Grace's move to another man is hurtful. Some fans have commented, "Are these flashbacks suppose to make me like Grace/Danny...as a couple because I still don't like them #Manifest ." Grace and Danny were never a couple in the truest sense, they were mostly strangers who bonded over a similar grief. As a father himself, Danny took an immediate liking towards Olive who in her teen years grew fond of him. 




Olive confesses that Danny, too, is her father as much as Ben. It is hurtful for Ben to hear his daughter claim something like that, but the truth lies that Danny has done all those things for Olive, that Ben would have. Josh Dallas has also mentioned, " There’s no blame. He can’t blame Grace for falling in love with someone else, because he was gone. He was dead. For all intent and purposes, Grace thinks he was gone." The family of these three people- Grace, Danny, and Olive- comes crashing down when they get the news that the flight is back and all passengers are alive. As none of them have aged a day, Ben is now technically five years younger than Grace, while their twin children, Olive and Cal, are five years apart now. However, Grace is not bothered by the age difference between her and Ben, she is genuinely glad that the old family is back together. 




However, people change. Sometimes they change in a matter of a month, so five years is naturally an incredibly long time when anything can happen. Like Grace, Jared too had moved on thinking that Michaela will never be back. Yet, it does not mean that Grace and Jared have given up on their love for Ben and Michaela. Grace asked Danny to leave the moment she realized that Ben is alive, but it is definitely difficult for her (and Danny, too) to give up on all those years that they have spent together, put back their lives piece by piece. 'Manifest' returns to NBC on Monday, November 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.