'Manifest': Josh Dallas as Ben Stone is 'gearing up for an even crazier ride for the rest of this season'

Ben Stone is probably preparing to get back to his wife, and give her an answer, after she threw him out of the house

                            'Manifest': Josh Dallas as Ben Stone is 'gearing up for an even crazier ride for the rest of this season'

Actor Josh Dallas has been winning hearts with his character Ben Stone in NBC's show created by Jeff Rake, 'Manifest'. Starring Dallas, Athena Karkanis (as Grace Stone), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), and J.R. Ramirez (as Jared), the show came to a halt after the ninth episode, and will resume with the rest of the story after its long fall-break January 7.

'Manifest' has been following the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828 which went missing almost five years ago, but when the plane returned it was revealed the passengers had remained, mysteriously, the age they were five years ago.

Dallas' character Ben has been a fan favorite since the beginning, and with the latest post on Instagram by NBC, it seems Ben is up to a lot in the rest of the season. In the ninth episode, Ben had to leave his house when his wife, Grace, claimed he has not been attentive enough towards his family.

However, the promo trailer for the tenth episode, which will air in January, revealed Ben returns to Grace demanding his position in the family, where he is now being treated as a complete stranger. It can be assumed, in the post captioned "We are gearing up for an even crazier ride this season", Dallas is probably shown preparing a long speech he will probably throw Grace's way in the next episode.

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We're gearing up for an even crazier ride for the rest of this season. See you on January 7! #Manifest | 📸: @joshdallas

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NBC's post with Dallas preparing for his character comes only a few days after Ramirez took to Twitter to post an image of the script, captioning it: "I'm just gonna leave this one here... #BlessingsonBlessings @NBCManifest". Both the actors have managed to give fans yet another reason to be excited about the show, which has broken records for NBC.

One fan commented on NBC's post of Dallas, claiming, "Can't wait!!! This is my favorite show! 😁", while another fan stated: "this makes me so happy. I want you to enjoy your vacation but hurry back because we miss you a lot."


Fans are already presuming that when the show resumes in January, both Ben and Jared will probably go through some huge changes in their lives. Jared, who had proposed to Michaela, had married her best friend, Lourdes, when she went missing for five years. However, Jared and Michaela managed to keep their work, as detectives, away from their personal conflicts and, by the end of the ninth episode, it seemed pretty clear the two will get together again.

As for Ben, now that Grace is out of the picture, fans are totally rooting for him to get along with Saanvi, who shares similar interests in science as he does. We do not know what lies in their fate, but whatever it is, hopefully, it won't divert the plot from the main mystery. 'Manifest' returns to NBC January 7. 

Watch the promo trailer for Episode 10 below.