'Manifest': If Vance is really not dead then where is he?

There are chances that he is maintaining a different identity, but what ever it is he will be back after the fall break.

                            'Manifest': If Vance is really not dead then where is he?

Fans have been in an argument about what could have happened to Daryl Edward's character, Detective Vance, who was reported dead towards the end of the fall finale episode of 'Manifest'. NBC's Jeff Rake-created show starring Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), and Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), follows the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828, which went missing for almost five and a half years. On their return, the passengers find they have not aged even a day and they were now experiencing certain "callings" which seem to be leading them towards one destination. 

Vance's character probably saw the steepest growth arc among the rest as he switched sides from being the Head of NSA to a civilian who was helping the Stone siblings to track down the missing passengers. Although initially suspicious of their movements, he had kept a keen eye on the discoveries made by Ben and tried to extract information out of him. Like the rest of the authorities, Vance was certain that the passengers could be involved in some kind of terrorist activities and their memories were erased. However, when he realized that none of them genuinely knew what happened on the plane, and Ben was the only one who was trying to bring out substantial proof about the strange incident, Vance took it as his own calling and teamed up with Ben without letting NSA know. 




However, his sudden death without leaving any trace of a body has left fans speculating if Vance is really dead. While we cannot be sure about that here are a few things that we can consider about his mysterious disappearance:

1. Vance was taken, hostage

When Fiona Clarke offered to take the rescued passengers with her, undoubtedly the woman had something fishy playing in her head. It is impossible to believe that she had nothing to do with the experiments when they were all being carried out with her research material. While leaving the place, she had managed to grab the research papers and immediately claimed to take the passengers to somewhere "Safe". Probably when the blast took place, Vance was found unconscious and believing that he might pose a threat in the future, he was captured by Fiona and others. 




2. Change of Identity

There was absolutely no need to mention Vance's nickname unless it was to be an indication that he is maintaining two identities. As Bobby, Vance has managed to go undercover and work on the project secretly so that the UDS is unable to track him down if anything goes wrong. The name "Bobby" is not registered anywhere, and he can easily feign any identity based on the circumstance. We guess that Vance already knows of Fiona's plans to bring out the passengers and he will use his other identity to create a trap which will help Ben and the others to track down the missing passengers, once again. 




3. Putting on a mask

We hope this does not happen but there are chances that Vance never actually switched sides in the first place. He had pretended to be with Ben while his intention was solely to take out the hidden information and pass it on to the NSA. He might have just managed to do that since the NSA seemed to be extra careful around the Stone sibling, and considering the kind of ties he had with the upper hand in the government and his "trusted" Detective Prowell, Vance could have easily given out Ben's recordings and research without any hesitation. If that is the case, then when the show returns after the fall break the Stone siblings might find themselves in a complete mess. 

Was Vance really a villain like Autumn? (IMDb)
Was Vance really a villain like Autumn? (IMDb)

'Manifest' returns to NBC on January 7. 

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