'Manifest': How have "all things worked together for good" in the show?

Things have been strange, heartbreaking, tempting, and villainous, but have they been "good" enough for those who lost five years of their lives.

                            'Manifest': How have "all things worked together for good" in the show?

NBC's Jeff Rake-directed show 'Manifest', which returns on January 7 after its mid-season Fall break, has been hinting at clues about the mystery of the missing plane, and we have already discussed the number 828, which is a recurring clue in the series.

Starring Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), and Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), Manifest follows the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828, which went missing for almost five and a half years.

The mystery deepens with all the passengers returning alive, none of them having aged a day. The passengers continue with their disrupted lives but realize they're now experiencing certain "callings" which seem to be leading them towards one destination.

More than being just a vocation for them, the "Callings" seem to be helping the passengers to make amends. Before boarding the plane, the Stone siblings were facing issues in their personal lives.

Ben' son Cal was not responding to his treatment for leukemia and Ben was putting everything on the line in order to help his son gain a few more years. Michaela was already in an unstable state of mind as she kept blaming herself for the sudden death of her best friend, Eve; and as it took a toll upon her she began to doubt her decision to accept Jared's proposal.

As for Saanvi, she was working towards an improved medical approach towards treating cancer but it was yet to gain the attention of noted doctors in the field. 

They returned only to realize that they did not belong anymore. (IMDb)
They returned only to realize that they did not belong anymore. (IMDb)

However, when the plane returned five and a half years later, the characters soon found out that the world around them has changed. While most of the changes were difficult to cope with, they were constantly driven by the "Callings" which seemed to be providing them with a chance to fix what had gone in their lives before boarding the ill-fated flight.

Michaela's mother had stitched the Roman verse 8:28, and abiding by what the verse indicates the passengers seemed to have been called upon to come together to make all good things work. Let's take a look at some of the key moments from the show which will help us decipher if all good things did come together, in the end, to make things work:

1. The Ghost of Eve's Past

Michaela never tried escaping the guilt that haunts her after Eve's death and in order to encounter the guilt she paid a visit to her parents. Eve's mother had lost her memory which left her believing that her daughter had only stepped out of the house for a while and will be back soon. Although her forgetfulness certainly is a sorry state, it relieves Michaela from having to face the hatred of Eve's mother. Michaela once again encountered Eve's memory when she came across the boy to whom Eve had donated one of her kidneys. Throughout the episode, she kept feeling Eve's heartbeat which acted as her "Calling" when she was chasing down a man on the streets with Jared. 


Michaela had been driven by guilt ever since Eve's death, and probably on returning she has received some clarity regarding the incident. Although she still blames herself, she at least knows that Eve would have never blamed her for anything. 

2. From Research to Implementation

Saanvi had put her everything to find out a better cure for cancer. The turbulence on the plane destroyed her laptop which contained months of research, and she gave up on the fact that her work would even reach other scientists.

However, on returning after five and a half years, she found out that her mail had not only reached other scientists, but her research was already being implemented for the last 30 months- the time when she was presumed dead. Saanvi's research also helped Cal extend his lifetime, after he was given just six more months to live. 

Saanvi never knew that her research would save lives one day. (IMDb)
Saanvi never knew that her research would save lives one day. (IMDb)

Saanvi also managed to discover the marks on the brains of the returning passengers, and it seems like after returning she has been able to put her time to good use so that it is now saving lives. 

3. The "Grace"-less fallout

Ben did not quite receive the warm welcome that he should have got. He finds that his wife Grace, who was told that her husband and son had died on the plane, is involved with another man.

However, Grace cannot be entirely blamed for it since it took her a good three years to pull herself out of bed. Unfortunately, things did not work out between Grace and Ben as the five years gap had changed Grace's perspective on life. Ben was pushed out of the house in the ninth episode, but we still hope that the couple will get back together when the series returns from its Fall break. 


4. Lab Rats

Things definitely did not go the right way for the 11 missing passengers who were abducted the moment they set foot on the airport. These foreign passengers were taken in by the UDS who tried experimenting on them to find out the workings of mirror neurons - the field regarding which Fiona Clarke has been working out theories.

They were left in a hapless conditions where they were electrocuted until they lost their senses. Cal, who could feel their pain through his clairsensitive powers, almost met with his death when his temperature rose by an alarming rate due to the electrocution. 


Things have been haywire for the passengers ever since they returned, and not only are they experiencing the "Callings", they are also realizing the amount of responsibility which comes with it.

Not everything has been good even after the "Callings" brought them together but there were certain times when it actually felt like their return was the gift of a second chance. We will see what more they do with this gift when 'Manifest' returns on January 7 after its mid-season break.