'Manifest': Here's why NBC did not air a new episode on Monday

Although we did not get to see where Cal's powers take him we surely got to hear some amazing harmony from 'A Very Wicked Halloween'.

                            'Manifest': Here's why NBC did not air a new episode on Monday

Although Josh Dallas had already stated on a Twitter post that 'Manifest' will not be back until November 4, fans could not get over the fact that what could have been the most interesting episode in the series didn't really air in its allotted time. It is understandable that fans were disappointed when they could not tune into NBC on Monday night to watch what happens to Cal and his powers in season 1 episode 6, however, NBC has some very valid reasons to hold back director Jeff Rake's show, starring Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh. 

The main reason why the network held back the episode's airing is Halloween. Following this year's schedule for Halloween which is unfortunately on Wednesday, that is in the middle of a school and work-week, most people have celebrated it right over the weekend. This indicates that there won't be many light shows or giving out candies on that particular day. On the other hand, following their viewer's schedule for Halloween, television shows too had to be shuffled in order to prepone the holiday. NBC took the lead in this regard and alotted the Monday slot, immediately after a two-hour episode of 'The Voice' featuring the first set of Knockout Rounds.




NBC brought in a Monday special, 'A Very Wicked Halloween.: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway'. With the intention of celebrating the 15th anniversary of 'Wicked' on Broadway in October, the network televised a concert (which took place at NBC's Halloween party) featuring songs from the blockbuster musical hit, 'Wicked'. In its statement, NBC mentioned that the show "will reunite Tony Award winners Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, the original Elphaba and Glinda, who will perform and serve as hosts for the special. Additional guest performers include global music superstar Ariana Grande, multi-platinum recording artists Pentatonix, the current Broadway company of "Wicked" and more to be announced, all to honor the show's lasting cultural impact and the 15th anniversary of its unforgettable Broadway debut." 




Along with the performance, the show was taped at New York's Marquis Theater and was produced by the original 'Wicked' team,  including the Tony- and Emmy-winning Marc Platt, along with Emmy winners Glenn Weiss (who also served as director) and Ricky Kirshner of White Cherry Entertainment. Although all of this only meant that 'Manifest' lost its spot on Monday night, there is nothing to worry about as the show will return on November 5, at the same time 10 p.m. on NBC.