'Manifest': Is Grace Stone complicit in the conspiracy of the Montego Air Flight 828 disappearance?

She kicked out Ben in spite of all the risk he took to save their son, Cal, and it seems possible she might have her own motives

                            'Manifest': Is Grace Stone complicit in the conspiracy of the Montego Air Flight 828 disappearance?

'Manifest' has not only given its audience an excellent story to hold on to but characters who are so alive it is easy to either love them or hate them. Starring Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace Stone), Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), and J.R. Ramirez (as Jared), the Jeff Rake-created show has been following the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828, wherein its passengers which included Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi, began to hear strange voices they interpret as "Callings". 

However, there seemed to be a gap in their communication on returning as those who awaited their arrival were unable to understand the turmoil the passengers faced on the plane. Ben and Michaela were unable to make Jared and Grace understand the voices were actually leading them to do things that are saving lives.

While Jared seemingly tried to understand Michaela's turmoil with the voices, Grace completely abandoned the idea claiming Ben was making things up. Ever since, fans have been expressing disregard for Grace as she has refused to believe her husband and even pushed him out of the house in the fall finale episode, in spite of Ben saving Cal and the other passengers. 

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NBC's latest post on the show indicated we might get to see a very different side of Grace. As Danny is already being suspected to have been involved with the plane's disappearance, chances are he may have managed to get Grace onboard with such a plan regarding its disappearance.

However, if that is true then it would make Grace one of the biggest villains on the show. Fans have expressed they would rather see Grace out of the show than see another villain take the center stage. One fan on Reddit wrote: "My guess is that she is going to be recruited and turn against Ben giving us more reason to dislike her. She just comes off as the type of person who would take advantage of money and the internal conflict of her being a terrible human."


Fans also demanded they see less of Grace when the show returns to NBC January 7. A fan on Instagram said, "After what Grace did to Ben in the last episode, I don’t want anything from her!" Another fan supported that saying, "I don’t like her anymore, she’s just so mean to Ben and she sees her ex-boyfriend behind his back! Not cool Grace." We are not sure if Grace will change sides, but if that happens 'Manifest' might just turn out to be the most predictable show there is.

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