'Manifest': Grace or Saanvi? Who will Ben end up with?

One, is the woman he has sworn his life to, the other, a companion seeing him through thick and thin. Who will Ben end up with?

                            'Manifest': Grace or Saanvi? Who will Ben end up with?

NBC's Jeff Rake-created show, 'Manifest', is about to return for the second half of its first season January 7 after a long fall break since November 26, and looks like this time we will get to see a very different side to Athena Karkanis' character, Grace.

Grace has been scrutinized by fans to such an extent that Dr. Saanvi Bahl (played by Parveen Kaur), who has been helping Grace's husband, Ben Stone, unravel the mystery of Montego Air Flight 828, is looked at as a better replacement. In fact, fans are predicting Ben will probably end up with Saanvi, especially after an NBC Instagram post hinted, we will get to see a very different side of Grace this time.

Starring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Athena Karkanis as Grace, Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl and JR Ramirez as Jared, 'Manifest' has been following the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828 which went missing for almost five and a half years. The flight eventually reappeared but none of their lives have remained the same.


Grace was bashed for not understanding Ben's situation ever since he got off the plane. While he has been trying in every possible way to keep his son, Cal (played by Jack Messina) - who due to his clairsensitvity has been physically feeling pain of other passengers - safe, Ben has been unable to convince Grace his actions will not harm their children.

As for Grace, she has been unable to accept the fact that Ben is still holding on to incidents that happened on the plane. Probably, this is where Grace is being a little selfish. Although she herself went through a mental breakdown when the plane disappeared for five and a half years, it was, after all, her decision to go back to the past when Ben and Cal finally arrived from the plane.


Grace could have moved on with her life, which now consisted of her daughter, Olive (played by Luna Blaise), and Danny (played by Daniel Sunjata), the man she met at a peer support group when she was struggling to overcome depression. She certainly found it rather conflicting to let go of Danny and return to Ben, whom she had not seen or heard from for five and a half years.

Considering the gap between the spouses, it would probably have been a good idea for Grace to open up to Ben about her inner turmoil. It would have been better for Ben too, who seems to have an amiable relationship with Saanvi since the both of them have been trying to solve the case of the plane together. 


Saanvi has been the only character who has kept her head away from all the ongoing drama and has really concentrated on finding out why they are hearing those strange voices, referred to as "Callings" in their heads.

She was also the first to discover the mark on the brain tissues which were apparently not there when the passengers first boarded the plane. Saanvi and Ben understand each other's situation at this point, but that is all they share at present. While it might be a good idea for them to really put their heads together for the case, it is doubtful they will be as strong a couple.

Saanvi might be a great friend to Ben, but she might not be the woman Ben would end up with. (IMDb)
Saanvi might be a great friend to Ben, but she might not be the woman Ben would end up with. (IMDb)

Ben has spent a considerable amount of his past with Grace. They share a family together and know each other's secrets, inside out. They share something much deeper than what Ben and Saanvi might share. In fact, we do not see them sharing any "romantic" onscreen moments. We also know from the promo trailer of Episode 10, Ben is not ready to give up on his family just yet, and he is willing to do all that it takes to protect them.

Chances are Grace will ultimately notice Ben's true intention behind his hasty decisions, and probably by then, she will realize Ben is actually the man she has fallen in love with. Danny can be a great companion, but it is Ben with whom Grace has sworn to spend her life. The same applies to Ben too, and maybe, Ben himself is aware he has nowhere to go but to his wife. 

Whether Ben ultimately ends up with Saanvi or Grace is not known, but we totally root for the husband and the wife to get along in the long run of 'Manifest' which is set to return to NBC January 7.

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