'Manifest': Four times Grace Stone proved she was a woman with a mind of her own

She has been a mother, a wife, a sister-in-law, and a victim, but more than any of that she has always been a woman with a mind of her own

                            'Manifest': Four times Grace Stone proved she was a woman with a mind of her own

NBC's latest update on Athena Karkanis' character, Grace, revealed that a different side of the character will come to the limelight when the Jeff Rake-created show resumes from its long fall break. Starring alongside Josh Dallas as her husband Ben Stone and Melissa Roxburgh as her sister-in-law Michaela Stone, Karkanis' character has been rooted in controversy ever since the first episode of 'Manifest'.

Fans are already considering her to be a resentful character since Grace chose to lead a different life after her husband and son disappeared with Montego Air Flight 828, almost five and a half years ago. That is exactly where the character's strength lies — she decides what she chooses.

Maybe Grace's decisions are wrong, maybe she only thinks about herself, but whatever it is, unlike most other characters who are literally being driven by a voice that they are interpreting as "Callings", Grace is the one character who seems to have a mind of her own. She takes the call when she knows it's the right time and sticks to her decisions (most of the times) in spite of everything.

Grace has been looked down upon for choosing herself over everything else. (IMDb)
Grace has been looked down upon for choosing herself over everything else. (IMDb)

Against all the hatred that is being thrown at this character, here are the four amazing times Grace completely proved that she is a woman of her own mind:

1. She hides a secret

Had Grace truly been a woman completely committed to her husband, she would have probably opened up to Ben immediately after his return. However, Grace took her own time to come up with the truth, and in doing so she actually proved that she decides to speak out when she is comfortable. She never considered it to be an obligation to approach Ben, but anyway did it considering the crumbling condition of their family. We assume she would have never really told Ben about it had their daughter, Olive, not intervened and made her mother realize that Ben was still in the dark about the whole matter.

Grace wanted to be ready before telling Ben about her affair with Danny. (IMDb)
Grace wanted to be ready before telling Ben about her affair with Danny. (IMDb)

2. She decides when she wants to be fixed

Grace took a good two years before she finally got over her grieving and came to accept the fact that her husband and son were dead. She had completely abandoned her household chores and Olive and was cooped up until she realized that it was time for her to get back to business. She not only went for therapy but also took up charges to fix their financial problems by starting her own catering business. However, even when that failed, she did not immediately go around looking for help or support, but when Danny approached to help her, she did not turn down the offer considering that it would be beneficial for both her and her daughter.


3. Grace chooses family over political turmoil

In spite of the allegations about her cheating on Ben, let's just admit Grace truly cares for the family. She is not bothered by the mythical voices in Ben's head but demands him to pay his complete attention to the family which has finally reunited after five and a half years. She wants things to be organized, to be the way they were before and a little distraction from that agitates her to the point where she almost abandons her husband. She wants a quiet domestic life, and will not endure anything that comes to disrupt it even if it includes one of her own family members.


4. She calls the shots

Although Ben is the declared Man of the House, it is Grace who calls the shots. She decides when Cal should be home and if he should be at all involved with the case of the missing plane. She also decides if it is Ben or Danny who should be in the house, and we have seen the two men switching in and out of her life either by fate or by her sheer will. She is almost aware that she is a mother and she does not step back from practicing the authority that the role brings in with it upon her children. She refused to let go of Cal with Ben in spite of knowing that they share the same trauma, and maybe she will also take the call if the divorce papers will be signed at all.


'Manifest' returns to NBC on January 7, and we are about to see a whole different side of Grace.

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