'Manifest': Fans want to see Ben and Sanvi get together, begin #Benvi

As Ben and Saanvi's time on-screen increases, fans are contemplating the possibility of the two characters ending up as a couple

                            'Manifest': Fans want to see Ben and Sanvi get together, begin #Benvi

As it is already being contemplated that Grace Stone (played by Athena Karkanis) will finally leave Ben Stone (played Josh Dallas) for Danny, fans are now convinced Ben will ultimately pair up with his fellow passenger, Saanvi Bahl (played by Parveen Kaur). Since their arrival, Ben and Saanvi have become a team as they investigate the reason behind the plane's sudden disappearance and what could have potentially caused the telekinetic powers they are now experiencing. 

Fans on social media and Reddit speculated that it is high time Ben leaves Grace so he can finally pair up with Saanvi. One Reddit user said, "If Grace and Olive think Ben is such an anchor and they'd rather be with Danny, then, by all means, cut him loose so he could be with Saanvi and that trio can get off my TV screen."

Fans on Twitter started their own hashtags for Ben and Saanvi as Benvi, and demanded the duo make their on-screen romantic debut soon. A fan on Twitter claimed: "At this point the writers have no choice but to make #Benvi happen, considering that EVERYBODY that watches the show wants this..... honestly though #Manifest." 


Fans have been demanding for Grace's departure from Ben's life ever since she refused to believe Ben's story about the callings. They have complained that although Ben seems to be alright with Grace still holding on to Danny, Grace is not ready to understand Ben's problems.

One fan on Twitter commented: "Grace is being so annoying. Why ask what Ben is thinking if she’s only going to shut him down? No one is treating the passengers with respect! #Manifest." However, considering Grace's point of view, she reached a breaking point from which she tried to escape.



It wouldn't be odd if Ben and Saanvi end up together. After all, Saanvi has been treating Cal's leukemia ever since they got back from the plane and she has provided some classified information to Ben about the possible cause behind the visions and voices they are seeing. Saanvi, who has also been seeing visions, has been trying to find out the medical reason behind it, and although her study suggests it could be schizophrenia, unlike Ben, she is still considering the possibility of divine intervention. Along with Ben and Vance's probable alliance, we also hope that soon Ben and Saanvi will discover new dynamics in their relationship.